Lizel Strömberg

Andreas Moe @ Pustervik!
Andreas Moe is a singer/songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. You might have heard him singing on Avicii's song "Fade Into Darkness" or John De Sohn's song "Long Time". Or maybe you have heard Andreas's own songs "Collecting Sunlight", "This Year" or his more recent single "Ocean".
I discovered Andreas Moe back in 2011 when he was a guitarist for Ulrik Munther during his summertour that year. After been listening to Andreas's own songs and covers on Youtube, I've been around supporting him since then. I had been waiting for almost 4 years for the chance to see him live, so when I heard that he was coming to Pustervik I got very excited to finally be able to see him!
As I have written before, I love the small acoustic sets at concerts. It has a more personal vibe and you kinda get closer to the artist than these big shows with background dancers, lights and special affects. Don't get me wrong, I love the big shows as well!  
Hearing all of Andreas's songs, both new and old ones that I've been listening to during the years, live for the first time was so much fun! The songs kind of gets a bit more real that way. 
After the show, I got to meet Andreas for a chat and he was such a nice guy. He actually recognize me from social medias, and was happy to see me there. I'm glad that I finally got to see him perform live and being able to meet him properly. 
So I guess I just want to end this blog post with saying thank you to Andreas for such a great show, and for being such a nice guy!