Lizel Strömberg

Halloween | Liseberg
As everyone already know, a couple of weeks ago: Halloween took place. I don't have any pictures from that weekend since I don't really go out and party like the majority of the people I know. Also because I was working both Friday and Saturday. 
I do have pictures from my visit at Halloween at Liseberg with my friends, which I want to show you! Halloween at Liseberg was their new theme for the year. It was very interesting to see how Liseberg turned from an ordinary amusment park to, a more "scarier" one.  
There are surely a lot of things that they need to improve for next year's "Halloween at Liseberg", but it was fun seeing something different for once. It was funny how a lot of people got scared of the people working there to scare the guests, while my friend and I was not even bothered. We were even laughing because a couple of times, we didn't even realized someone was trying to scare us. xD
#1 - Carol Gabriel

oh man, I wish I was there too!!!