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Saigon Food | Nordstan
Saigon Food in Nordstan, is a very nice store that has a large selection of food from various countries in Asia. Getting Asian food in Sweden can be hard, so you really need know where to look. Saigon also has a restuarant where they cook different kinds of asian food for you to eat at place.
I went to Saigon Food with my aunt to keep her company while she was eating lunch. I bought myself Bubble tea with boba while waiting for her. If you don't know, Bubble Tea is a Taiwanese-tea based drink. You can choose between black/green/milk tea flavored with fruit, and top of that a topping such as boba or aloe vera. It's a very popular drink within the asian community. 
~ Jenevia introduced me to the drink earlier this year, and it has now become one of my favorite drinks. 
My aunt ordered some soup which I got to taste as well. I don't remember what the soup was called, but it was very good! It containted some noodles, meat and vegetables. 
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Yumm!!! <3

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det stället får jag ta och kolla in :)

Svar: Det tycker jag allt du ska göra om du är intresserad och tycker om asiatisk mat. ^_^
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