Lizel Strömberg

Perfect weather at Fun Day Röselid!
A while ago, I attended the event Fun Day Röselid that took place at Röselid to photograph everything that was going on there. They had different games the kids could play such as throwing whip cream on some of the people in charge of the game, eat cutton candy and jump in the jump castle. 
The fire department was there to talk about what to do if a fire starts and they showed the equipment they use to put a fire out. 
The one organizing the event had also booked food trucks where they were selling different kinds of food. 
The weather and lightning were perfect that day! No harsh light or rain, just enough clouds to defuse the sunlight. Because of the perfect light, it made everything so much easier and much more fun to photograph!
One of the local farmer was there too, petting the lambs was very popular amongs the children. 
Lately, almost the only thing I've been photographing has been concerts so it was nice photographing something other than that for a change. Something that doesn't include pushy people and limited space. 
What about you? Do you like to photograph and what kind of pictures do you like to photograph the most? :)