Lizel Strömberg

~ Colours in the fall ~
Go out to take a stroll is something I don't do often enough. It's nice to being able to go out for a walk for a while to get away from everything and to just reflect about things that happens in life. 
When I do find the time to take a walk I often take my camera with me. Photographing the nature and things around it, isn't something I do on a regulary basis. Since the concert and event season is over for this year, I have been trying to capture more photographs of nature. 
Capture the beautiful things that exist in the nature can some times be a challenge since you have to keep an eye out and have an open mind to see what there is to capture. My strenght in photography has always been capturing people, but now I want to try to something else.
I had visited my friend a while back and knew they got visits by different kinds of birds in their garden since there is food for them to have. I decided to challenge myself to photograph the small creatures. I'm not sure for how long I was sitting still to not make a sound that would get them frightened. Consider it was one of the first times I photographed birds like this, I'm quite satisfied with my pictures.
Despite a lot of waiting for the right moment and struggiling to sit still, I had a lot of fun photographing the birds! It was just funny how people that walked passed me gave this confused look when they saw me squatting in the garden with a camera in my hand. xD
The are not a lot of fun objects to shoot in the area since there are a lot of constructure work a bit everywhere. To work passed it, I tried to just look for pretty colours and play around with the light. 
I will definitley try to go out more often in the future even if it's just for a little while. I think it's good for us to be out in the nature to see what's actually out there, both physically and mentally. It's just sad to see how much we are destroying the earth. Enviromental change is happening right now and if we are not careful, things are going to get real bad. We should start to appreciate it more and to take care of it better!
#1 - Lina Malm

Beutiful pictures <3 I get so inspired by you <3