Lizel Strömberg

I'm sure that a lot of you have seen this thing about smoothie jars that everyone keep making Instagram pictures of. There's different shapes of them and some of them have prints on them. First when I saw it, I wasn't sure what to think about it. I guess, I thought it was an unneccesary thing to buy, but obviously my opinion has changed consider what I'm about to post. x)
I have been at Carol's place a couple of times and often when she offers me something to drink, she serves it in one of her jars that she have. I slowly started to like the idea of it and the fact that it's much more handy to drink out of it than a glas when you are sitting by the computer, which I like. The risk of spilling the drink decreases. When I thought about it more, I realized I could get some pretty cool pictures of the jar as well.
I'm very picky about what kind of things I buy because I don't want to feel like I spend money without cause. To find a jar that I liked and didn't cost too much, took a while but once I saw this one with the cute flamingo, I had to buy it!
As the photographer I am, in the back of my mind I knew I wanted to photograph the jar because I wanted to share my new purchase here. I wanted to try to do something different from everyone else have done, which I guess is mostly to photograph the jar with smoothie in it.
I knew I wanted to have another kind of background this time and not put the object infront of a plain wall or something similar. So, I decided to shoot my photographs in the backyard since I had seen there was a pretty lightning during the evening the day before. 
To give the pictures the warm feeling I wanted to strive for, I decicded to fill the jar with applejuice. I also wanted to make the jar look cool and cold so I put some ice to it. Putting ice to it didn't went as I thought, so I got  a bit unsure how the photos would turn out. But now after have done some smaller adjusments in Photoshop in the light and colours, I think the pictures actually turn out pretty good. Or what do you think?
I have at least been using my drinking jar a lot since I bought it, specially when I have done some longer work on my computer. So, how many of my readers has their own drinking jar at home? How do you like it? Is it any of use? :)