Lizel Strömberg

"Nästa Nivå" is a project where people from the Swedish hiphop industry search for new talents, which they coach and help to get to the next level. Some of the artists that have got together to find and help new talents are, Adam Tensta, Timbuktu, Medina, Silvana Imam and Ison & Fille. 
The project had a big concert during the festivity at "Göteborgs kulturkalas" where the new talents got the opportunity to show the audience what they have been working on through out their time at "Nästa Nivå". 
The host of the show was the famous rapper Adam Tensta. I have to admit, I enjoy listen to hiphop once in a while but it's not really the kind of music I usually would go to see a live show of.
Patrik Jean
The main reason why we decided to stick around was because of the fact that Sabina Ddumba was one of the coaches and was there to perform some of her own songs. I love Sabina's voice and her songs so it's always a pleasure to see her perform. As I've probably have said before, I'm really looking forward to hear more of her music soon!
For a while now, I have heard the artist name "Elliphant" a lot but I've never looked it up to know who it is or what kind of music she does. At "Nästa Nivå" for the first time, I got to see who Elliphant is. Right before she hitted the stage, it was all quite and once she appeared, it was like an energy boost! 
Her stage presence was different from the others and it was such a fun time to photograph her on stage! The music Elliphant does might not be my cup of tea but I loved seeing her live. She was moving a lot side from side, making eye contact and just put her all into the performance which I loved! 
Linda Pira, one of the most famous rapper in Sweden at the moment where there to perform as well. The sun had started to set and it got a bit harder to shoot the pictures because of less light. 
The time flied passed fast and we actually forgot to go to one of the other events we had planned to go, but we actually didn't mind much. Hiphop music might not be the music I usually listen to but I enjoyed seeing the show and Carol and I had so much fun to photograph it!