Lizel Strömberg

Baking day at Linnéa's place!
My friend Linnea and I, have been helping out with baking cookies for some of the culture events in the commune. Linnea and I are very busy people, she's studying at the university while I'm working and always away doing something. The baking days we have is basically the only times we meet each other these days, which is fun that we get to do. 
If I'm going to admit, these pictures are actually from last year. As some of you have noticed, I've been very bad at publishing the content I make in a timely manner. Things were messy last year, I wasn't confident enough of my work and my computer didn't wanted to let me work with my photography at all. With a new computer, things will hopefully change this year!
Even if these pictures are a bit old, I think they are still relevant since we are still baking cookies together. 
I don't remember what exactly these cookies are called but at least they tasted very good. xP
Despite being lactose intolerant, chocolate is one of my favorite things so I really enjoyed these cookies once I got to try it out. 
#1 - Carol Blomarv

NOM NOM NOOOOOM!! Lemme have some 😋 Gotta have some!!