Lizel Strömberg

People were judging me because of my equipment
Doing press coverage together with Jenevia last year at Melodifestivalen 2016 was a very learning experience. It was my first time doing press work and I didn't knew what to expect from it. 
We went in with not a lot of knowledge of how things were organized and how the people (mostly the press) in the business would be like. Since I was younger I've always been a fan of Melfest and been watching it every year with my family. To be working at the contest creating coverage was a dream come true. I felt so grateful for being able to take one step closer to do what I love. 
As you have seen in the previous blog post, our press work included interviews with some of the acts, press conferences, parties and photographing the performances in the arena. 
Before 2016, I had never been at a live show of Melfest. I loved feeling everyone's excitment in the arena and see all of the happy faces in the crowd. 
It was very hard to capture any good pictures during the dress rehearsals because we got seats far from the stage and since I didn't had the most fanciest equipment there was almost no chance for me to being able to get any decent photos from stage. 
I loved doing press coverage and being able to meet people. We created contacts, got to show people what we can and met new people. The only thing I was very surprised over was the fact how unprofessional a lot of the media acted. During the press conferences several people walked in our shots during an interview, they were pushing me when I was filming and some even interupted one of our interviews. Ugh.
(The people in the photos has nothing with the text to do.) 
Some journalists would talk shit about each other and the acts in the contest. Even some of the photographers were judging me because of my equipment. I mean, sure I don't have the fanciest and the most expensive camera equipment but look at my work, I know how to create good content. 
I'm not always good at publishing my work in a timely manner but I do create content that makes me happy and they are good enough despite what equipment I have and the amount of following I have. It's just a lot of work, effort and passion in it. Whenever I'm photographing, I'm always pushing myself out of the comfort zone and to become better. Some things makes me terrified but I need to face it and get stronger. 
So, for this year's Melodifestivalen I will try to stress less and seize the moment. Create content that makes me happy and be better at publishing in time. 
I have one last blog post from Melfest 2016 that I will try to get uploaded during the day. Jenevia, Majo and I will be doing press coverage of Melfest 2017! First semi-final is on Saturday but our press work starts already today. Make sure to follow me on Instagram at U+21E2.gif @LizelStromberg U+21E0.gif to get the latest updates of our work!