Lizel Strömberg

2016 ➟ 2017: Happy New Year!
Late Happy New Year Everyone!
Hope you had a pleasant 2016 and that you will get an even better 2017. 
2016, has been one of the most challenging year so far on a personal level, both physical and mentally. In the beginning of the year, I started my new treatment for my acne which affected me in different ways. My body got extremly tired and I got bad mood swings. Now, when I have ended the treatment I feel better and that it was actually worth it. My skin feels better and I get less scars than before. 
Some of my goals I had for 2016 were to become more confident, do something new and to improve my photography. In one way or another I have been able to reach those goals. 
This past year, I've stepped out of my comfort zone a lot more than before which has been tough. For example, I have taken my photography to the next level and done some press work. Doing press coverage with Jenevia this year has been a very learning experience and I got to realize that the work I do, is good enough. Other than that I have a new job where I get to learn and practice on my studio/product photography. At work I also get to learn and exeperience how different things in several departments works.
My year has been up and down a lot. Many things have changed the past year, some people isn't around anymore, situations have changed and I've got more responsibilities than before. 
You decide what you do with the changes in life. Some changes have made me fall but at the same time made me even stronger. I have realized my worth and even if I don't always know it, I can make a small change in other's life.
How has your 2016 been? Have you learned something you haven't thought you would? Have you experience anything new? Seen places you never seen before? Tell me in a sentence or two, how has your 2016 been! :)