Lizel Strömberg

TB - Afterparty with the artists in Semifinal 1
It seems like this blog post didn't got published when it was suppose to, but since I still want to share these photos, I will make a throwback to the post-press conference and afterparty of semifinal 1. 
Some of these photos can be from the different press conferences during that week, if you were wondering why some of the people are wearing different clothes in the photo compared to the interviews down below. For example this photo of Jenevia interviewing Adrijana. Majo was recording the interview so I could walk around to get some photos of the acts during the press conference. It was very fun and helpful having Majo on set doing press with us during some of the days.
Here Boris René was happy for qualifying to Andra Chansen! Always such fun meeting him even if it's for a short moment.
"Winning photo" of Nano and Ace Wilder which was the ones qualifying direct to the final from semifinal 1!
Make sure to check out the interviews we got during the press conference with De Vet Du, Dinah Nah, Boris and Adrjana in the clip down below. It's short clips of each acts, but it's worth watching. Specially for those who might not have the time or want to sit through the longer one-on-one interviews. 
After the show it was time for the afterparty! Many of the media are still working during the afterparty to get some footage, but Jenevia and I don't really feel like doing that. When we are at the afterparty we are off the clock and we don't want to cross the line. I did get some photos, when I felt it was okay and when I wasn't intruding people.
This photo with De Vet Du will always be funny. xD
I must say, I'm not a party girl at all. It's not an enviroment that I feel comfortable in, specially when it involves a lot of alcohol. Despite being a bit uncomfortable, it was fun at the party and getting to talk with some people there. After a long night and a week full of work, it was nice getting some sleep that morning.