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H.E.A.T. - Into The Great Unknown Tour
When it comes to music, people mostly know me as a person that mainly focus on the pop scene. As some might not know, I enjoy listen to other kinds of music as well and rock music is close to home. I want to expand my content and share more music for people to take part of.
H.E.A.T. is a Swedish rockband which started back in 2007 when the bands "Dream" and "Trading Fate" came together. Their debutalbum "Heat" released 2008. As they released their album they have been supporting band to TOTO, Sabaton and Alice Cooper. For the Melfest fans that knows their Melfest-history, H.E.A.T. participated in Melodifestivalen 2009 with their song "1000 miles" which is one of their most known songs for the mainstrem audience. H.E.A.T. is a band that I've been following for several years and I have seen them perform a couple of times. As I heard the news about their new album and their tour, I decided to take the opportunity to attend their show in Gothenburg to make a picture reportage of it. 
H.E.A.T. recently released their new album "Into the Great Unknown" which also is the name of their tour. As a person following the Swedish popscene, I rarely get to hear full albums anymore. Finding out that they had a new album for me to listen through made me very excited! By listen through the album it also helped me to prepare for their concert and have a better idea of what I would expect from them.
I don't feel I have enough knowledge about music to review the music in dept. What I can tell you is my favorite tracks from the album. First track is their single "Redefined" which you can find in the video down below. Two other songs on the album that I really liked are "Shit City" and "Best of the Broken". 
When I came to the venue, I were a bit surprised over the small amount of people that were there, but then I remembered it was Wednesday night. 
After two supporting bands later it was time for H.E.A.T. to enter the stage. More people had come and the atmosphere were filled with excitment. I went in front of the stage with the other photographers and were ready to photograph. It had been about 3 years since I last saw H.E.A.T. so I was very excited to see their show because I knew that they always put on a great show. 
Erik Grönwall, the lead singer truly knows how to handle the audience and he puts everything he got into the performance. Erik's vocals are as impressive as they were back in Swedish Idol. Hearing Erik sings gives you goosebumps! 
One particular thing I enjoyed a lot about their set up was that every band member got their own part at some point during the show for them to really show the audience what they got. It was their own moment to shine!
At one point at the show, Erik said something to the audience which I want to higlight. He was talking about that there is some people in the world that are bad and wants to ruin the fun and peace for everyone else. Erik was making a point that it wasn't okay and we shouldn't let them do that. In the end of the speech he said: "You can have whatever opinion, thoughts and believe in what you want. This song is dedicated to have opinions, thoughts and believe in whatever the f*ck you want as long as you don't hurt other people. How damn hard can it be?". 
We got the hear the songs from their new album together with some of their most popular songs from the past, such as "Tearing down the walls", "Breaking the silence" and "1000 miles". 
You could tell that the audience were a bit older which necessarily isn't a bad thing, the opposite actually. I personally really appreciated it. There was no high pitch screaming and pushing, only people that were singing along and head banging to the songs. Very different from what I'm used to when attending shows but that was definitely a plus. The audience wanted more of H.E.A.T. which made them ended up playing for about 2 hours and I was impressed that they kept going for such a long time. I can't recall how many extra performances they ended up doing. I didn't want to leave before the concert ended because I really enjoyed it but unfortunately I had to leave to catch my bus. 
I'm very glad that I decided to attend H.E.A.T.'s concert and getting to rediscover the rock music that I love. If you want to catch them on their tour in your country, you can find the tourstops in the picture below. If their music is your cup of tea, I highly recommend you to go and see their show. 

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I hope you enjoyed this blog post. More updates and topics are coming, stay tuned!
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