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Beach photos from Bicol
I’m not a person that likes to go to the beach, but since my cousins wanted to swim, I decided to go with them. To be honest, this was actually one of the only two times that I went to the beach during my whole vacation in the Philippines which was for a month. Haha.
I'm back with another Filipino Friday post and a throwback to my trip to the Philippines earlier this year as I have lots of unseen photos. I always struggle a bit with knowing what to write when it comes to my blog posts since I don't always know what I want to share. I don't want to only share photos since you can only tell a bit of the story with a photo and not more. Anyway, here's a throwback when I went to the beach in Bicol with my cousins!
While some of my cousins went swimming, I walked around a bit to take photos. It was very calm and not a lot of people on the beach. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the beach, but it was nice getting to visit a new place. 
I cherish these moments very dear, having a good laugh and a talk it's more treasured than people realize. 
My cousins kids are some of the most adorable children I've ever met. They are full of life, cuteness and smiles! 
I saw a dog walking by and of course I had to photograph it! I’m actually really happy about how the photo turned out. I like how blurry the background is and that the background is different from what I have in my other photos of dogs. I like how the dog isn't out of context and you can imagine your own story to it. 
If you didn't know, Filipinos are all about getting photos. I doesn't matter what you are doing or where you are, they love posing for photos. When I was walking around at the beach I saw this couple having a proper photo shoot with a photographer. I had to stop and watch them work. It's always interesting to see another photographer work and maybe learn something new about photography just by watching them take photos. It was a bit cringe to watch the photo shoot because the couple would do the most cheesy poses, like making a heart with their arms, being all playful like hiding behind the trees and poses like that. It still was a lot of fun to see and I had to capture them in action. If I was a bit more confident and they were not too busy with taking photos, I might have walked up to the photographer to talk about photography. 
It was my first time seeing someone in Philippines to have some kind of photo shoot like that, which was very nice to see actually!
I don't have much else to say about my photographs or what else happened that day since there's not much more to say. It was a bit of a short post but at least I made it by posting a new Filipino Friday post in time. Haha, Hope you enjoyed the photos and getting to know a little bit more about my trip. 
That was it for this time, new posts are on it's way so stay tuned for more updates. 
Until next time, ingat!
Eventful week at EuroPride/Kulturkalaset
Kulturkalaset is a festival which takes place every year for 6 days in Gothenburg in the middle of August. This year I took vacation from work to being able to get as much as I could from the event to photograph, create new contacts and not feeling like I have to stress my way through the week. Taking vacation was probably my best decision that I made because the week turned out to be very eventful and I had several late nights with working with my photography. 
This post will be a short summary of my week at Kulturkalaset and EuroPride to give you a bit of insight of what I got to experience and who I met during the festival. I will also give you a sneak peek of some of the photographs that I took. 
When planning for this festival, I wanted to make sure that I didn't ended up only seeing people that I already know from before. I wanted to discover new artists, hear new music and photograping people I haven't before. I can't get stuck at only seeing people I know. That I need to look at other directions as well, find new people and getting footage of artists that might not have the same exposure as the mainstream artists. 
There was one act in particular which I think people were a bit suprised over that I went and photograph. It was the band Avatar, they are a metalband from Sweden and I'm so glad that I decided to see their concert. Let me tell you this, they actually had a staging! Not just a backdrop but a whole stage with moving platforms, props and their name visual in letter which had lights. It was so much fun to see the effort they had made with making their staging as cool as it was. I don't think I have ever seen a Swedish act done a staging with that much effort in it. I really appreciated seeing that. 
Of course, I attended concerts with artists that I know my followers want to see more of. A lot of these artists are people that I personally follow as well and know that I would appreciate photographing too. 
I actually had a conversation with another photographer about Darin. We both like him as an artist but after photographing him a couple of times, we know his signature moves that he ALWAYS does in his performances. That a lot of the photos that you take of him looks a lot the same, no matter if it has been months or even years in between them. I thought it was a bit funny hearing that from someone else. Haha
I ended up seeing LIAMOO twice that week but I didn't mind it at all. I have to say though, seeing him doing his own set was much more fun than the RIX FM Festival gig. 
It was very nice seeing Tove Styrke live. Last time I saw her was right after Swedish Idol so I don't even think I've seen her perform any of her own released music until last week. It was very nice seeing her and she was as bubbly as she always has been. 
Every time I photograph Loreen, the light conditions are horrible for a photographer. I get that she wants to create a mood on stage and I appreciate that. But as a photographer trying to get quality footage of her is very difficult. You will have to see my effort in my post about her gig that is coming. 
 I SAW ALCAZAR PERFORM A MEDLEY OF SOME OF THEIR BEST SONGS. I didn't even knew that I was going to see them perform, I just happened to be on the right location at the right time, which I'm very happy about. It was very dark that evening but I was living and was very happy about seeing them!
DJ Lundemo which I saw three times as Jasmine Kara was performing on her DJ set. I like her, something about her vibe was nice.
Some of the people that I saw performing through out the week which isn't in any of the photos in this post are: Janice, Wiktoria, SallySwag, Danny Saucedo, Alvaro Soler, Eleni Foureira and more! 
As always I payed a visit to the food markets in town, it's always a pleasure seeing the different food cultures. I bought the annual fudge, ate Thai food but I also tried new kinds of food such as an African dish. 
Walking the streets during the festival was very nice. It felt like I was in a completely different city and people were kind of a a different mood than usual. The streets were full of life and happy people that enjoyed the festivities. I also really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful colours of Pride through out the week.
Heading into the big week of the year, I had made more of a plan of what I wanted to photograph during the week to make things easier for me but also to not make me way too stressed out with not knowing where to go. It was also different this time because I was accredited as press which made things a lot more easier and I didn't had to wait around too long before the concerts to get a good spot to photograph from. 
The week turned out a lot more socially than I think I was prepared for. It wasn't bad thing but consider that I didn't felt that good the week before, I wasn't ready to being so outgoing that I was. I guess it was a good practice
I met a lot of different people through out the event. Numerous familiar faces from the past but also new ones that I bonded with. It's funny to see how people some times get so interested in what I do by seeing me photographing.  
One of the biggest highlights of EuroPride was definitely to meet Jasmine Kara! She was absolutely a sunshine trough all week! I adore Jasmine and her personality is one of the most wonderful I've ever come across. I can't thank her enough for all the love she showed me. The only times I've met Jasmine before has been very briefly at the afterparties of the Melfest finals. It was really nice getting time to actually talk to Jasmine and get to know her a bit more. I'm super happy that I've met her and can't wait to see her again!
Being at Kulturkalaset/EuroPride was a very learning experience. I came to realize that my photography really have had an impact of who I am today and it's something that I can't live without. My photography is one of the main factors that have helped me to being able to grow as a person and become more confident in who I am. If I didn't started or continued with my photography I wouldn't have had met the people I know, gained the experiences I have or becoming better at being social and maintaining conversations. 
Attending this event also made me realize that I need to do some changes in life. I need to work at getting more independent, get my driver license and cut out the toxic people I have in my life. I'm no where close at being where I want to be in life, there's so many variables in my life that affects me in a way that makes me hold back. I know it's a process and it takes a lot of work to get to a place where you want to be but as for now, I need to take babysteps.
I have lots of footage to show from the festivites of Kulturkalaset/EuroPride. Many stories and experiences to tell. I hope you will keep following my updates here and on Intagram as I will keep posting my photographs. Don't be a stranger, you are more than welcome to reach out to me, give me likes or comments on my content. I appreciate getting feedback!
Until next time, ingat!
Driving ATV in Legazpi City
I failed once again to publish weekly posts in my Filipino Friday category. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Last week I was super busy with photographing Kulturkalaset/Europride that I completely forgot to prepare and publish a new post. The week flew by and all of sudden it was over in a glimpse. This week I'm back at work and things are a bit more calm which is great since that gives me more time to edit and publish content. Let's start again! Here's my Filipino Friday post of this week!
With this post I will make a new throwback to my trip to the Philippines earlier this year. On my cousin Anton's last day in Bicol, we decided to go to Legazpi to drive ATV. We took the public transportation to get there which was an adventure for itself since usually when we travel to different places we rent a car because that's more convenient due the fact that we are numerous people travelling. On my previous trips in Philippines I had never really experience taking the public transportation, so I'm happy that I gain that kind of experience this time. 
The weather that day was a bit dull and because we were running short of time we decided to drive a short track. We were 7 people in total and had two guides with us taking us around on the track. One of them was leading the group while the other one was helping me getting some pictures of us. 
I didn't drove my own ATV since I didn't felt comfortable doing that but also because I wanted to try to get some footage. Fortunate they had one ATV were two people could sit together. 
To be honest, nothing about this trip went smoothly. The start of the day we had some small issues with knowing how to get where we supposed to go but also it was raining and it took a bit longer than we thought to get on our way. On top of that, when we got to the ATV company the bigger ATV we were going to use didn't properly work and once we started our track numerous of the ATV shut down or got stuck in the mud where we would drive through. Haha. It's always something that happens when are suppose to do something. 
Despite all the small issues we faced, we had a lot of fun! It was very pleasant to see how excited everyone was and to experience something new with my relatives. 
The track we picked was definitely way too short of a drive and if we are going to drive ATV again in the future, we for sure need more time to being able to see more of the surroundings and feel like we got more of the experience. It was still a lot of fun but it could have been nice to see more!
I loved how the person taking care of my camera was so into taking photos and made sure we would get different angels and shots of us but also of the surroudings we saw on our route. I really appreciate that! Other than that, I don't think there's much more to say. The day ended with just heading back home getting food, say hi to Lola and leaving Anton for him and his mum to go to the busstation to head back to the capital. 
That was it for this post and I hope you liked it.
Until next time, ingat!