House of Parliment & Big Ben

One of the first things we did during our trip was to see Big Ben and the House of Parliment. There was so many tourists in the city that day, which made it much harder to walk around and take pictures. Since we didn't want to risk getting my camera robbed, taking a picture of both Linnéa and I with the building in the background was the most difficult thing ever! 
Haha I guess this will have to do. Hopefully we will get back to London and take a better picture. ^_^ 


Getting better at updating here didn't went that well at all. This time there was nothing I could do about it, since our internet has been down for weeks.
Now, it's back up running and I can finally start showing you what I've been up to during the summer! For example, I've been around taking street photography, attending concerts, travelled to London and so much more! Keep an eye out for more updates within the next few days. Thank you for being so patient!

Starbucks - Frappuccino

I usually don't go to Starbucks, but this time Carol wanted to try it out so we decided to pay a visit. I'm not really into coffe and things like that, but I decided to go with a Frappucino in the end. The thing is, I'm lactose intolerant, so it's always a struggle to find lactose free food around here & other places I visit. So the fact that they could get me a whole lactose free drink was the best thing ever!


Midsummer is one of the many traditions that we have here in Sweden. Now, after years of celebrating, it kinda feels like it's one of those traditions that is more like an excuse for Swedes to drink alcohol. Other than that, it's just nice to get together and meet the people you know again.
I celebrated Midsummer with my family, some relatives and some friends of the family. We went to this place nearby where people danced around the maypole. After that we went to my aunt's house to eat dinner. 
- If you celebrated Midsummer, what did you during the day? Please comment and let me know! :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, but specially to my own mum!
I think we all need to show our appreciation towards our mothers more than we actually do! We all have our differences; we just need to remember to accept and respect one another. 
Despite our differences, I love my mum! She's tough, loving, patient and don't forget very funny! I'm thankful for everything she does for my siblings and I. We may not say it too often enough but, thank you mum for everything you do for us to make sure we get the best life we possible can get. 
- Mahal Kita! <3 

Roadtrip to Gamleby

Last week, I went on adventures to a city called "Gamleby". Despite the long trip I really enjoyed going by train, since it's very relaxing and interesting to see the Swedish landscape flying past the window. 
The reason why I went to Gamleby was because I had an interview there, which was not what I expected but I think it went alright. After my interview I had a lot of spare time that I took the opportunity to explore the village and just take some photos. It was nice to have another sourrounding than I usually have in Gothenburg. :)

20 Years Old

It was my birthday yesterday. I had an unsually calm day, which was nice for a change. I got a visit from my uncle and his wife, which I really appreciated since they drove for about an hour to get here. Other than that, I had a very lovely dinner with my family and relatives at the asian resturant "Göteborgs Wok" which is always appreciated!
I want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes, and the love you have sent me the past day. I'm so thankful! Also a thank you to my family and relatives for celebrating me today. You're the best!

Carol's Birthday!

A month ago, it was Carol's birthday. Madde and I decided a day before that we should surprise her with a visit. You should have seen the look of her face when we came, so funny! It was really fun to finally meet up like this since the three of us haven't been all together since our graduation day last summer!


Yesterday, it was "Fettisdagen" here in Sweden which means we eat this bun called "Semla". It's a tradition every year and I have to admit, I'm not entirely sure why we celebrate it. Either way, I love eating Semla! I usually eat it together with warm milk which is so good!
Have YOU tasted it? What do you think about it? Do you prefer; "mandelmassa" or custard in it? :)


A while ago, my family and I were at my aunt's birthday party. As always I were the one helping everyone taking pictures. I took the opportunity to take some pictures for myself as well. 
These pictures are a bit different from what I used to post here, but it's nice doing something new. I had a bit hard time shooting the pictures, since the room was darker and had a lot of things which were red. With a bit editing I think I managed to fix the pictures to a more natural colour. 


Happy New Year Everyone!
I hope you had a great new year's eve and that you weren't too hungover the day after. ;)
Let's see what 2015 has in stored for us!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas with lots of love together with your loved ones! If you didn't get what you wished for, don't forget Christmas is all about so much more than just the presents. Look around and see what you already have around you, cause we often forget to appreciate the things we already have. 
Other than that, I hope everyone are feeling well!

Sthlm Day 1: Arriving!

During the summer, Daniela and I decided we wanted to do one last thing together before the summer was over. We decided to book traintickets to Stockholn in the end of August. It was my first trip there without being able to relay on someone else. 
We had some problems finding our hotel, but it went well in the end. Our first day in Stockholm we went sight seeing and walked around the city for a while to take some pictures. 

Pixels in the beautiful sunset

A while ago, I was walking home from Linnea's house and saw this beautiful sunset. Capturing it was a bit harder than I thought, since my camera equipment may not be the best and you can see the pixels in them. I tried my best and I think I did pretty well capturing the sunset in the end, or what do you think? :)

Update: What I'm up to these days!

As you can see on my blog, I'm not really writing about my everyday life. The reason for that is, it's not really that interesting to write about, especially when I don't really have pictures to share. But I thought about at least make a quick update about what I'm doing these days, since I'm not in school anymore. 
1. I'm trying to study for my driver's license. I'm reading in my books and driving with my dad as much as I can. I'm also going to driver's ed once in a while to learn even more. 
2. I'm back on my medication for my acne and I hope I can also get into working out as soon as I can get my mind to it. 
3. I'm working extra once in a while, and might have found another job with a more secure income. 
4. I'm still taking classes in guitar and flute which is really fun I still are able to do, since I love playing music!
Other than that, I'm still photographing and attending to concerts/gigs when I'm able to. For example, last Friday I saw Daughtry which was a dream coming true! I will tell you more about that soon. 
- I will try to update more about everything, and maybe more about my life. Because then I will try to take more pictures and just show you another side of my life than my concert life. 
P.S. To all of you that keep showing your interest in my blog and photography: THANK YOU! Knowing that there's still people wanting to see more updates here keeps me going! x

Sorry for my absence!

I'm really sorry for my absence these past few weeks. I've been busy working on some projects and I've also been on a vacation in Denmark for a while. I have so many new pictures to show and I hope you will stick around to see them!
The first set of pictures will be uploaded later today so stay tuned if you are curious to see them!


Three days ago, we celebrated Midsummer here in Sweden. It's a really big holiday and the funniest thing is probably that most of the Swedes doesn't even know why we celebrate it. (I'm not an exception.)
The two things I like about the holiday is, that people get together to celebrate it and also to see everyones beautiful "midsommarkrans" (like the one that I'm wearing in the picture below).
For those who celebrated Midsummer, hope you had a great day and hopefully you were not too hangover the following day. ;) 

Graduation day!

After 3 years of gymnasium, it was finally time for me to graduate! 
About two weeks ago, it was my graduation day and it was a long day containing lots of fun! The day started at 7am in one of my classmates apartment to have "champangebreakfast" together with all of our classmates. It was cosy being there to meet up. Just all of us together one last time before graduation. 
After that, the day just flew by!
It got so many new experiences that day, and I actually also won an award! I won the title for "school fighter" or whatever you call it. I didn't saw that coming at all, but it was really nice knowing that someone actually have seen how much I've been struggling in school to get my degrees and also for helping others with their schoolwork too. 
To end this post, I just want to thank everyone who came and celebrated me that day and for all the congratulations I've been receving. Also a big thank you to all my classmates for the last 3 years together, I will surely miss all of you!
Now, let's see what life has to bring!

Where am I?

I'm sorry for those who have been waiting for me to update here.
I know that some of you, are a bit curious about what has been going on lately. I had a couple of busy weeks before and during the graduation week. After that, I don't really know what I've been doing. I guess I've just been trying to rest as much as I can since I've been kinda stressed for almost a year. 
While I've been resting, I've been trying to figure out what I need to do with my life and I've been planning out my summer as best as I can. There's a lot of things I want to do this summer and I just need to take one step at the time. I'm going to update here about all the gigs I will go to and just show you a glimpse of my life. 
So please bare with me, I will start updating more regulary as much as I can and as soon as possible. Until that happens, I hope everything is fine with you!


Graduation prom!

Yesterday, I went to my graduation prom. My date was Linda and we went with our two friends from class, Evelina and Daniela. I also met Felicia who was also attending the same prom!
During the night, I saw both the sunset and sunrise. I tasted white and red wine for the first time which was disgusting!
I walked in high heels for the first time for a whole night and my feet was hurting so bad after a couple of hours. I could barely walk at all at the end of the night!
Prom was actually not as bad as I thought it would be, and it was fun attending it! One thing that was funny was when everyone else was really tired, I was not tired at all. I mean, I went to sleep around 6am. Haha!
Overall the night was fun and crazy. I'm glad that I went, because now it's a memory for life!