Lizel Strömberg

Eric Saade in Allum!
A week before I went to Stockholm, I was in Allum with Annelie and Frida to see Eric Saade perform.
As many of my friends know, I'm not that big of a fan of his anymore.
But I felt that I had to go and see him anyway.
Everytime I go to a gig of Eric, his fans usually are very disrespectful to each other.
But this time they were surprisingly calm and nice, I don't know what happened. Maybe they have grown up by now?
I was mainly there to photograph and to hang out with my friends on set.
It was nice seeing Eric live though, felt a little bit like old times.
I  actually went to the signing with Annlie and Frida. I didn't had anyhting to get sign so I just went to be moral support and to say hi to Eric.
There was this two gay guys in front of us in the line and they were so cute! Being all excited and shy over that they were about to meet Eric. Bless them. 
Then after the signing the most random thing happened!
I met Jenevia's friend Susanne from Norway!
I got so surprise over that she was there and at first I didn't even realize it was her!