Lizel Strömberg

Robin Stjernberg, second day in a row!
 A while ago I went to Allum with Frida to see Robin Stjernberg. It was actually my second time seeing him that weekend.
It was his last gig for the year and there was fans of him from all over Sweden.
When you think about it, it's cool how fans get to know each other because they support the same artist.
Anyway, Frida and I had a lot of fun by ourselves. We haven't met each other in ages so it was fun catching up with each other. 
Robin came and did his thing despite some troubles with the sound.
I felt so sorry for the guy that took care of the sound. He was so embarressed and really tried to fix the sound as fast he could. 
We heard some acapella from Robin and everything went well in the end.
The signing was the most calmest I ever been at! 
Everyone got their time with Robin. You even had time to get a picture with him. 
(Bless Robin for feeling sorry when he spelled my name wrong.)