Lizel Strömberg

Ulrik Munther: Sockerbruket
Recently Ulrik Munther released his new album "All jag ville säga", which is made together with Jonas Gardell. In May, he did a free gig here in Gothenburg to promote his new album and give his fans an exclusive pre-hearing of it. Felicia, Frida, Carol and I decided to come around to hear his new stuff. 
Personally, I'm not a very big fan of songs with lyrics in Swedish. Some can be an exception depending on the artist and the music style she or he is playing. The only songs I can remember liking that Ulrik performed was "Jag vet inte hur man gör" and "Nån gång". 
I might take Felicia's advice to relisten to the rest of the album one day. 
One thing I noticed, was how well Ulrik took the audience in. To have these small talks between the songs, and just be more forward. I've seen him live a couple of times during the past years, and he has become much more confident than before which is very nice to see!
Other than that, the event was nice and calm. I really like the acoustic vibe. I think that the ones who organized the whole event didn't really expected it would be that much people that actually came, since the venue was a bit too small for the amount of people that showed up. The air was just so bad and you could hardly breath in there. Except for that, I just enjoyed hanging out with my friends again!