Lizel Strömberg

"Ärlige Mister Ernst" - Book the tickets now!
"Ärlige Mister Ernst" or "The Importance of being Earnest" is a comedy play that is about shallowness, the fear to not fit in, and not be accepted for who you are. 
I got asked by Felicia (which is one of the actresses in the play), to photograph pictures for some of their marketing. I really appreciate that she asked me for help, it made me very happy to know that she thought I would the one for the job. I gladly accepted the offer and was happy to be able to help them! Despite that I was working and focused to be prepared to get my shots, I really enjoyed watching the play. All the actresses and actors were very professional and talented. The play was very funny, and kind of mind twisting towards the end.
I highly recommend everyone to see one of the last shows which takes place this weekend at "Amandas Teater" in Gothenburg:
  • Friday 25th of September at 7pm
  • Saturday 26th of September at 3pm
It costs 150kr but it's definitley worth to spend! I will link their website and facebook event if you want to read more! 
You can book the tickets here:
When it comes to the photos, I was very nervous to photograph in this small area with limited light. The theater inviroment isn't really what I'm used to take photos in. The fact that I had no idea what to expect from the play, and what they were going to do, made everything a lot more difficult than it already was. But I like challenges, and to learn more from them, so this was very interesting to see how I would manage to get the pictures as good as I wanted it to be. Despite some issues with the lighting and the flash I borrowed, personally I'm proud over the result I got.
What do you think about the pictures?
Some feedback or tips I should think about until next time I shoot this kind of photos? :)