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TBT | Interviews with Ace Wilder, Anderz Wrethov and Wiktoria
Hey everyone!
I'm still busy with my final exams but I found this blog post in my saved drafts from the time Melodifestivalen just finished. Since I don't have any new recent pictures finished to publish I will do a throwback thursday.

A couple of months have passed since the finale week of Melodifestivalen. Hope you are not sick of seeing pictures from that time, because I still have loads of photos to share with you from that week. It might be late to publish them now, but I don't mind. Also I can assure you that most of them are a bit different from what the other press have posted anyway. 
If you have read my earlier blog post about the preparations for the finale week of Melodifestivalen, we had only three one-on-one interviews booked beforehand. One of the artists we already wanted to talk to back in semi final 1 was Ace Wilder. We didn't got any responses from her publicist back then or for the finale week, so we couldn't set some thing up. But as hard working and awesome as Jenevia is, she talked to Ace and her manager in Stockholm and we ended up having a great one-on-one interview with Ace Wilder backstage. 
In our interview you get to hear Ace talk about her background as a dancer, her visual artistry in her performances and music but also hear her talk about diversity and her new fashion blog. 
One of the three one-on-one interviews we had booked was with Wiktoria. Wiktoria is one of the newcomer in this year's competition. She was in a former duo with her friend Hanna which was called "Dash 4". Wiktoria has also been competing in "Lilla Melodifestivalen" back in 2011, and came 4th. 
Hear Wiktoria talk about her song "Save me", her staging, Anton Ewald's contribute in her performance and much more!
During the first day in Stockholm, we met Anderz Wrethov which is a composer and a songwriter. He has co-written three songs in this year's Melodifestivalen: Samir & Viktor's "Bada Nakna", David Lindgren's "We Are Your Tomorrow" and SaRaha's "Kizunguzungo". 
In our interview you can hear Anderz talk about his colabrations and the inspirations to writing the songs, but also how it was to work with Samir & Viktor. Jenevia also brought up another song "Cool Me Down" in the interview that he co-wrote for Margaret which she competed with in the national selection to represent Poland in Eurovision Song Contest 2016, but unfortunetly she didn't win. 
"Cool Me Down" is a song that I highly recommend you to listen to!
Thank You to all of those that keeps checking out my blog despite that my updates is not on a regular basis. I'm almost finished with school and I have a lot of new plans for the summer that includes this blog and I hope you will stick around to see it. Until next time, ingat!