Lizel Strömberg

GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition - The next level!
For a while now, I have been thinking about taking my blog and creativity to the next level. I have noticed that what I want to tell through my photography doesn't really come through exactly the way I want all the time. Photographs only capture some of the moments and feelings I exeperience through my lens. 
Lately, my family and I have been watching some old clips from when my siblings and I were younger. It was fun to see how things were before and hear all the laughters we have shared. I have been watching a lot of vlogs and videography, specially from the Philippines the past year and have exeperienced the culture in a different way than before.
I've been thinking a lot and I decided that I want to push myself and start to do other than photography, so I want to share with you that I'm about to start doing videography!
To start off my new path, I bought a new equipment which is an GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition!
I wanted to start off simply and buy a camera that is easy to handle and not too heavy and complicate in the beginning. Carol has actually bought a GoPro as well which is fun! Now we can start off together! Carol might be a head off me since she has done some videography before and are much more talented and used to think creative in almost everything she does. 
I'm not sure how things will go with my new plan and area of creative work, but I'm excited to learn and experience a lot of new things. I have been recording footage the last month of summer, and hopefully you will be able to see some of the work I have put into to it.