Lizel Strömberg

Melfest: Andra Chansen - Artist & Host Press conference!
First when we applied for press to Melodifestivalen, the plan for me was only to do semifinal 1 since it was in my hometown and then the final in Stockholm. The reason for that was because I couldn't take too many days off from my daily job. 
Things changed and since things went so well in Gothenburg I decided that I would do the most of the opportunity and go to Linköping for Andra Chansen. I'm so thankful that I was able to go to Linköping to work at Melfest. Some people might think it was unnecessary to go and that I've should have prioritize my job where I actually get paid at. All I have to say about that is, I think I made a good decision and worked things out so it wouldn't affect anyone than myself. In the end, things worked out fine and I got to show even more people what I'm capable at and created new bonds. 
In Andra Chansen things are different from the semifinals. There are 4 duels which two acts compete against each other. The voting only takes place during the each duel which is about 8 minutes for people to vote. In the end of the night, there will be 4 acts that qualifies to the final in Stockholm. 
In the first duel of the night was: De Vet Du with their song "Road Trip" which was competing against FO&O with their song "Gotta Thing About You".
In the second duel: Axel Schylström with his song "När Ingen Ser" competing against Lisa Ajax with "I don't Give A".
Boris René with his song "Her Kiss" was competing against Dismissed and their song "Hearts Align" in the third duel of that night. 
The last duel that had everyone talking was between Loreen's "Statements" and Anton Hagman's "Kiss You Goodbye". 
The hosts David Lindgren, Clara Henry and Hasse Andersson were there as well. SVT had made one press conference for all the acts and the hosts this time, which I think was because to give the acts more time to rehearse.
Things were very hectic that day and we wanted to make sure we talked to Loreen since we knew there were a lot of fans wanting to hear more from her. We stood in line to talk to her but she had to run off to prepare for her rehearsal since it was starting right after the press conference. Because of that we didn't really had time to talk to a lot of the acts but we did manage to get a bit of time to talk with De Vet Du. Which you can watch down below.  
Since we weren't in a hurry to get interviews, I was able to get some photos of the acts. At one point I went to FO&O to take some photos of them, and what do I see in the background? DJ Hunk lurking! He was definitely doing it on purpose! People think he's just there to be eyecandy but he's doing some pretty funny things if you just pay attention. xP
The pictures of FO&O in action didn't turned out that well but I did got a photo of them posing. 
Since I was close to De Vet Du and saw an opening I went over to photograph them as well. I appreciate that they always make sure to give me the time to photograph them. 
And of course I had to go over to say hi to Boris and take some photos of him as well. Such a friendly and genuine guy!
Might be a bit late to ask but, which ones of the acts did you wanted to win their duel? Let me know in the comments below, I'm curious to know! :)