Lizel Strömberg

The Swedish Press at Melodifestivalen
Numerous people have asked and are still asking questions about my experiences from doing press during Melodifestivalen. I don't always know what to share, there a lot of things happening during the six weeks of Melfest despite that I'm not on set every week. It's also hard to explain to someone who isn't in the enviroment themselves to make them fully understand what's it's really like. Allthough, I have thoughts and stories to share, some of them have been told here on my previous posts related to Melfest.
For those who wants to know more and hear some tea; Jenevia and I recently made a video where we go through our experiences by doing press during Melodifestivalen 2016 and 2017. We shared stories about issues we came across, how the swedish media at Melfest were like and how the overall experience to do press. It's quite a long video but I think it covers a lot of ground of how things were like. The video contains footage from our interviews which are related to what we are talking about which can help you give a picture to the topic.
Before recording the video, I was very nervous and anxious. I didn't want to come across rude or something like that since when I'm too stressed out or nervous I tend to be short and direct while talking. I was even more anxious since it would be in English. On top of that, I'm not used to be infront of the camera. I guess that makes the video even more exclusive in a way. Another struggle I had was to remember the events and occasions we were going to talk about. I'm a very observent person and some times all the impressions I recieve gets overwhelming which makes me some times forget about events that I don't necessarily need to have in my mind. I think the video turned out okay in the end and I'm glad to hear the postive response we have recieved from our video so far. 
The video is a different format of content than I usually post or share but I hope you enjoy it. If you have any thoughts or questions to me, you are more than welcome to comment here on my blog. You can also find me at twitter @LIZELSTROMBERG. If you want to reach out to Jenevia you can do that through the comment section on her YouTube channel or Twitter at LadyJenevia. 
Until next time, ingat!