Lizel Strömberg

Where did I go?
Hey, it has been a while since I posted here on my blog. I took a break from posting content both on my Instagram and here on my blog. I didn't tell you about it here because I wasn't expecting to have over a month off from posting content. I was more in need of a break than I thought. Since more people are starting to be aware of my work, and keep tabs on what I'm doing when it comes to my photography I wanted to let you know why I have been MIA for a while. In this post I will explain the reasons behind my decision to stop posting on my social medias and what I've been doing while I've been away. 
First of all, I want to address the reasons why I decided to go on a break at all. This year, I've been working much harder with my photography than I've ever done before. From the first day in January when I was in the Philippines working on content, to being on set of Melodifestivalen and all the concerts during the summer. I've been caught in between my regular job and my photography. There have been very few moments of me doing something else than working. 
For a very long time, I've had various of important tasks regarding future plans and my life to get done. But because I've been so focused on being updated on social medias and working on my photography, I haven't been doing these tasks for the long run. I've been so behind with my content that I've been working with emergency plans, on emergency plans which hasn't been an effecient way for me to work at all. 
Lately, I've been very stressed out, feeling disorganized and lost focus on what I want to achieve. At some times, I even lost my motivation to keep working my photography. I realized the bad path I've started to walk in wasn't healthy which made me decide to do something about it. In the beginning I really didn't want to take a break from keep working on my photography and posting my work. I didn't want to lose the flow in updating regularly that I've managed to have for the past year. Also I didn't wanted to lose the small amount of people that keeps such interest in my work. But I figured out that none of those things would matter if I end up completely messing up myself and my photography in the long run, I wouldn't have anything left in that case. If people genuinely like my photography and me as a person, they would still be there once I start updating again. 
What I've done
Having this break from updating my feed on Instagram and publishing blog posts, have been a lot more helpful to my self-care and creativity than I would expect. Due to fact that I put photographing and editing to the side, I've been able to take the time and effort to do some of those important tasks I've been feeling anxious and stressed over. 
❥ I've been able to create different templates 
❥ I've done some plans of how to structure my content on different kinds of social medias
❥ Writing prioritzed lists
❥ Pick up my studying for my driver license
❥ Reflect on what I want with my photography
❥ Change my approach in my work
Except for the things I listed, I've also been able to live my life outside of work. I've been able to meet my friends and to feel how it would be like to not have photography in my life. There has been a huge amount of different emotions and impressions over the past year that I haven't taking the time to properly process until my break. It's just recently that I came to realize what kind of journey and personal growth I've done only within this past year. 
Baby Steps
With publishing this blog post, I will be starting to post more content. I have lots of photographs and stories that I haven't shared yet. I will be taking the time I need to create my content, I don't want to stress too much but I can assure you there's lots of new things coming. 
Right now I'm preparing for next Melfest season and figuring out all the logicistic about all the work there is to come. But as for now, I will start updating a little bit on my social medias again with different kinds of content, not only music related content but also of my travels the past year and my photoshoots that I've had the past 6 months. 
This will be the end of this post, but I can already now tell you there is more updates coming within the next few days.
Until next time, ingat!