Lizel Strömberg

Benjamin Ingrosso X Felix Sandman
One of the biggest outtakes during Melfest 2018 was the bromance between Benjamin Ingrosso and Felix Sandman. If you payed any attention to the contest, there’s no way you can have missed it. Benjamin and Felix became such good friends through out the year, now they have come together to create a tour with a great team to meet the Swedish audience. 
The tour is named "Benjamin Ingrosso X Felix Sandman", which has 20 stops around different cities in Sweden. It's a set with two acts, different artistic approach in their staging but also music. In this post, I will share my photographs from their concert stop in Gothenburg Concert Hall. It's not often Swedish artists have their own venue tour, even having some sort of performances for the public to attend during the fall and winter is not something you see often. I came to the concert hall 30 minutes before start. By observing the audience who were arriving, I could tell there were a lot of teenage girls but also families who were excited for the concert. Inside, the team of Benjamin & Felix had set up a merch stand for people to buy different kinds of merch before and after the show.
Felix was first out to perform his own set, he started with his latest single "Imprint" which I personally really like. It's a good way to open up with an uptempo song which everyone knows. 
It made me confused to see that the band they had with them was behind a backdrop, not visual to the audience at all. But then I realized the backdrop that Felix had behind him was suppose to show visuals. It seemed that some technical issued accured and the team working behind the stage was running around, doing the most to fix the problem. Luckily the backdrop was up running after the second song. 
If you have seen Felix perform together with FO&O a couple of years back, you can tell that a lot has happened through out the years. Felix's music and stage presence feels a lot more mature than before.
I think it was a nice surprise for the fans to see Felix perform "Build A Girl" from his time in FO&O. Not everyone in the audience seemed to be familiar with the song but the most hardcore fans were singing along loudly. 
I appreciated the fact that they would show different kinds of visuals on the backdrop depending what songs Felix were performing. For example during "Trouble" it would be red smoke appearing behind him, during "Part of me" there would be video footage of Felix and a girl and for "Lovisa" the lyrics would be visual in a handwritten type of font, which I think kind of symbols a handwritten letter. 
Last song of Felix set was "Every Single Day", which he walked out to the audience to sing with them. 
Not long after Felix left the stage, a countdown on the backdrop appeared. When the countdown hit 0, the backdrop dropped and Benjamin Ingrosso entered the stage with his "Dance You Off". Benjamin's set was different from Felix's. He had no backdrop showing visuals, instead the stage visuals was focused on the different mood the lights and smoke would create. I don't know if that's something people thought about during the show but I appreciated the fact that Benjamin and Felix had two different kinds of stage settings. It made it more clear that they are two different artists.
Before Benjamin performed "Spotlight", he talks about how it was for him to grow up in a celebrity/music family. How people would expect certain things about him because of his family and not really give him a fair chance. 
Benjamin performed a mashup between "All I see is You" & "Do You Think About Me". "If This Bed Could Talk" got sung by the piano. The different settings worked well with the songs he sang. Benjamin also had wardrobe changes through out the concert which was a fun detail. 
You could tell how much fun Benjamin was having on stage and how much he was enjoying every second of it. His showmanship shines through from the second he entered the stage to the last one of the night. Benjamin truly gives his all in his performances. 
One of my favorite songs in Benjamin's new album is "So Good so Fine when You're Messing with my Mind" but since there's no video for it, I will share my other favorite of the album which is "Behave". 
The audience wanted more and the extra performance was as no surprise "Tror du att han bryr sig" performed by both Felix and Benjamin. The performance ends with Benjamin and Felix hugging each other very dearly and everyone get their dose of bromance for the evening. Benjamin and Felix ends the show by thanking their team, their band and everyone for coming. 
When I first heard the news about the tour I was not surprise at all, in fact I was already expecting them to come up with an idéa like this. I think the whole concept of Benjamin & Felix touring together is a great idéa. Two of the most popular artists in Sweden at the moment in the same tour, having a song together and releasing their debut album leading up to it is perfect planned. The promotion around the tour with pictures, videos, podcast and everything else is on point! All credits to Benjamin & Felix but most of all their team at TEN as well! 
 If you are a fan of Felix Sandman and Benjamin Ingrosso or the type of music they have released, I would recommend you to attend one of their shows at the tour. It's rare for Swedpop artists to go on a tour like this one, specially having these many stops of opportunity for people to see them. Both of them are such professionalls and it has been fun seeing them develope through out the years, I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more of them!
That was it for this time! Hope you enjoyed the pictures and reading about the show. 
Until next time, ingat!