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First time meeting Janice
Janice (Janice Kavander) is a R&B artist from Sweden. Her debut single got released back in 2016 which got played a lot on P3 and she got elected as DN's "Upcoming star 2017". I first found out about Janice through Sabina Ddumba as Janice was one of Sabina's backing vocalist on her tour 2016. I also recognized her as being a member of the choir "Tensta Gospel Choir". I liked Janice's voice and presence on stage enough for me to look her up on Instagram to follow her. Back then Janice didn't had her own music released yet.
The past year, Janice has been showing up a lot more at different tv shows, she has been on tour and released her debut album "Fallin Up". Her first music video was for her single "Love you like I should", which was the reason why I started to pay attention to her more. 
When Kulturkalaset took place, I was happy to see Janice be set to perform during the festival. It was my first time seeing Janice live and I was very excited to see how her set would be like. I didn't knew that much about how her other tour stops had been like but what I knew was that I could expect great vocals and a edgy look. 
In the tracklist of the show, Janice performed not only her own music but also some covers such as "Himlen runt hörnet" with Lisa Nilsson and "Dance with somebody" with Whitney Houston . I liked the mixed of her own music and covers as that made it possible for the audience to connect to her more even if they didn't knew her as an artist from before. 
One particular song I remember a little bit more than others were "Answer". It's a song that came about after Janice's dad sadly passed away. You can feel the sorrow in the lyrics to "Answer" and it hits you when you hear it, specially live. 
Cassandra Klatzkow who was the backing vocalist on the set. I recognized from her own work as a vocalist, model, blogger and posts about body positive. With her platform she has, she talk a lot about body positive that everyone look different and people shouldn't be ashamed over the shape of their body. I think the work she does is important and to show people, specially young girls that it's okay to look the way that they do. To show young girls that you don't need to look like the fashion magazines tells you to be. 
What I like with a festival as Kulturkalaset is that as someone in the audience, you never know what artist you would see while waiting for the show you mainly were there for. A lot of the people who was there were fans of the metal band "Avatar", even if her music wasn't in their taste of music they would be respectful and also applaud. 
One last song I would like to highlight from the set is "Queen". 
Look at the backdrop Janice had! An artist having photos of themselves on their backdrop is definitely not something I've seen some in Sweden have before, but I like it!
After the show Janice would go out from the backstage area to meet with her family who was there to support them but also to take photos with some fans. I took the opportunity to talk with Cassandra and tell her how much I appreciated her work with body positive and that she makes an impact. 
I also had a talk with Janice to tell her that I really appreciated the fact that she has music videos for her single releases since that's something a lot of artists lacks in some parts of the Swedish music scenes. Janice appreciated that I told her about music videos and she told me that she actually prefer making videos than having photos taken. And it seemed like she understood the importance of having video content for her music as well which was nice. :) 
I took some shots of Janice and Cassandra as I wanted to have something else than just concert photographs from their set and this way, it also made me stand out even more and give a more genuine impression of myself. Since I genuinely like Janice's and Cassandra's work I took the opportunity to get a photo with them together as well because things were more calm and I could get a proper photo. 
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That was it for this time. Hope you enjoyed this post! Did you find any of the songs I linked good? And which ones of these pictures that I took are your favorites? 
Until next time, ingat!