Lizel Strömberg

Looking back on Norlie & KKV
Feels like the summer never leaves my blog, which I don't really mind. In this post I will look back on Norlie & KKV's concert at Liseberg in the end of this past summer. Norlie & KKV is a Swedish duo by Sonny Fahlberg and Kim Vadenhag. The base of their music is rap but have a lot of influences from pop, house and electro. You might know them from their songs "Tröjan Du Hatar", "Din Idiot" or "Ingen Rör Mig som Du". 
One of the first things that I noticed in their set was that they had real visuals on stage which I got very surprised to see! They had these LCD screens as their backdrop which would not only show visuals in different colours and lights but also video footage of Kim and Sonny recorded particular for the show. The video footage was of them being on tour and lyrics to their songs.
On top of the visuals from the screens, they would also have bubbles shooting from stage and in one part of the show they would kick out these big balls for people to bounce around the audience.  
When researching on Norlie & KKV, I don't find many music videos despte having a lot of hits through out the years. 
During their gig at Liseberg, they performed a never heard single (at the time) named "Om du lämnar mig nu". There's no music video for the single, but are we surprised? 👀 I will still included the song from YouTube if you want to give it a listen. 
From an audience point of view, I really liked the staging but as a photographer it was not my favorite one to shoot. I tried to capture the live band behind Sonny and Kim, which was a bit tricky. If I thought the light was lacking on Sonny and Kim, the band definitely didn't had any proper light on them. But I managed to capture one photo of the women in the back playing the keyboard, and the guitarist. Both of the doing some backing vocals. 
Kim definitely knows how to flirt with the audience. I've never seen anyone on stage be as flirtying with their gaze as much as Kim is. Every time I would catch him going in the mood to flirt with his gaze, I would start laughing since I knew that the girls front row would react in a certain way. 
By the end of the show, Norlie & KKV brought Estrad on stage to perform their song "Mer för Varandra". I've actually listened a lot this song, it's very catchy and I like the mix between their vocals. 

The overall impression of the show was that the LCD screens made the show better, the mix of their music both older songs and new ones worked well and the fans know the lyrics to all of them. The thing I would say they could work on is how they move around the stage together and the lighting on stage to be more in sync. 
That was it for this time. Hope you enjoyed the post! 
Until next time, ingat!