Lizel Strömberg

Robin Stjernberg as a street musician?
A few weeks ago, I went to Gothenburg to see the madness that was going to happen at Musikhjälpen.
The Fooo and Robin Stjernberg was going to come and perform.
I came there early to try to get a spot in the front, but there were already so many people there and I barely saw anything. 
The fact that I was much shorter than everyone else made it harder for me to see. 
I decided it would be pointless to try to catch a glimpse of them while they were performing, so I went in the back to try to meet them there instead. 
I saw when The Fooo arrived and the girls went absolutely NUTS!
The whole atmosphere went chaotic. When they got there, people were screaming, crying and even running around to try to catch a glimpse of them from backstage.
It was absolutely crazy!
Later on, Robin came and sang and when he got finished at Musikhjälpen, he performed on the street to collect money. - He was basically a street musican for a day!
It was such a cozy gig and he sang both his own songs, but also some covers.
You should have heard him. WOW. - Such an amazing voice, I was speechless.