Lizel Strömberg

Chaos before De Vet Du's show
Every time I'm attending one of De Vet Du's shows there seems to always appear some kind of obstacle. This time, was not an exception. In this post I will share photographs from their show at Liseberg and my experiences by being there. 
I arrived at Liseberg right before 5pm before Joakim Lundell were supposed to had perform. As soon as I were on set, I could feel the intense vibe around the backstage area. The thing that had happened was that the light rig had broke and the staff couldn't bring it up by the roof again after have fixed a light. There were a lot of people runing around, trying to fix the problem and make sure that the show could continue. It was an unfortunate situation and I felt sorry for the Liseberg staff, they did what they could. After have been trying to fix it for almost an hour, someone told the audience that Joakim's set was cancelled. I felt so bad for the people that had been waiting for such a long time to see him. There were discussions about how De Vet Du's show would be, but the guys decided to do the best of the situation and to do their set as promised. 
When I first arrived, the security on set was very confused over seeing me backstage as a photographer since the previous nights I was accreditated as press. I guess the fact that I don't look as the usual photographer either, made them a bit more unsure. Some security were even double checking my pass two or three times to make sure I was allowed backstage. Like for real? If I already were inside, then someone obviously have let me in earlier? 🤷🏽‍♀️
I hadn't truly realized what the light rig problem would affect me until I started to photograph. There was absolutely no light from stage to give me something more to work with, there was only very harsh sunlight direct on the guys. It was a nightmare to photograph. I had to rethink how to set my camera and how to work my angles since I couldn't be doing what I usually do. 
For the first time, I was actually really glad that De Vet Du had a lot of smoke on stage because that was basically the only factor which made the photos a little bit more interesting since there was no stage light. 
At the previous gigs, I usually are alone taking footage of the show if you count out the photographers that are only there for the 3 first songs. This time it was different, there were 3 videographer on set filming De Vet Du's show. It was nice seeing other creative people work as well on set even if that made it a bit difficult for me to shoot my photographs. 
De Vet Du had something special planned for this show, Tor was going to do his first ever singing performance for a live audience. People have been requesting it for a while and it was now happening. You can think whatever you like about Tor's vocals but he's a performer for sure. I think he did a great job and it seemed like the audience enjoy his performance of "Hon Vill Inte Ha Mig". 
The guys are very into their performance and are not always aware, where I am by the stage to look into the camera since I'm always running around getting different angles. But this time I managed capture Chris.
When I heard that De Vet Du was going to have a signing, I got very excited because I think it's a lot fun seeing the fans getting to meet the artists that they like. I have been waiting for this for a while since I knew it would be a lot fun to see how people interact with De Vet Du, specially with DJ-Hunk because of the mystery about him. 
People didn't had to buy any merch to get the opportunity to meet the De Vet Du, but if they wanted the guys had their merchandise stand all set with T-shirt, hoodies, caps and other kinds of merch. I briefly got to meet one of Tor's brothers which was nice.
It was fun watching the guys meeting their fans and to see all the happy faces. There were kids who were very shy when they got up to De Vet Du, and some of them had these big eyes when they saw DJ-Hunk. One little boy had seen his dad been saying something to DJ-Hunk and when they left the signing, the little boy asked his dad with the biggest adminiration in his eyes: "CAN DJ-HUNK SPEAK?". It was so cute!
Very satisfied guys which was very happy with the food they were given after the signing. 
(Remind me to not stand in front of Johan, Chris or a black background next time I'm taking photos with them. It makes me look bald, because my hair blends in. 😅 Happens everytime! 🙄)
Before I went home, I made sure to thank the guys for letting me come and to say bye. It's always a learning experience to attend their shows, it's a lot fun and I get to really push myself when it comes to my photography. It's nice to look back on my photos from their shows and to see that I've been able to capture different kinds of photos each time. Anyway, if you get the opportunity to see one of their shows, you should definitely go!
It was it for this time, I hope you enjoyed my stories and photographs from another De Vet Du show!
Until next time, ingat!