Lizel Strömberg

"Kulturkalaset: Linnea kräver dans!"
I still have a lot of pictures from my summer to show, so I will just keep posting them in order.
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As many of you know, I'm a big fan of Linnea Henriksson's music and herself as a person. At her concert's, I usually have Felicia beside me singing along to every song, but this time it was different. She couldn't come. 
Luckily, I had Carol with me, so I didn't went all alone. It was the first time hearing all of Linnea's new songs from her latest album, and the whole show was just amazing. 
I loved the fact that she talked about female artists, and people who keep asking her why there's just a few female artists out performing. She answered by telling that there's not few female artists out there, it's all about who the organizer book. (....) That things might not be about the music anymore and just be all about gender. 
Afterwards, we went to her signing to meet her. I had bought something small for her as a thank you for this summer and for all the inspiration she keeps giving. I can't thank her enough for all she has done for me and Felicia over the years, and I'm just so grateful for having her as close as she is.