Lizel Strömberg

Oscar Zia performing at the Potatofestival!
The other week, I went to Alingsås with my friend Linnea. There was this festival in town and we went around to see the market there, but the main reason why we went to Alingsås was to see Oscar Zia and Jens Hult (which I'm going to write about in another blog post).
I think it was my third time seeing Oscar Zia live, and I could tell how much he has improved both vocally and performing on stage. I'm not a very big fan of his, but I do like some of his songs. He has a very good stage presence and he interact quite a lot with his audience. 
One funny thing that I noticed was that a lot of the regular fangirls I usually see on gigs wasn't there, but I think it was because the fact One Direction was in Stockholm that day. 
When I think about it, this was actually the first concert for this summer. It's nice being back on set, I love seeing artists live again, the music kinda feels more real this way!