Lizel Strömberg

The details of Imenella’s & Tove Styrke’s shows
Due to work and vacation, this post of Imenella's and Tove Styrke's concert at Liseberg got delayed. During West Pride a couple of weeks ago, I also payed a visit to Liseberg to see Imenella and Tove Styrke live. I didn't really knew what to expect of these two shows since I haven't payed that much attention to either one of them. But in this blog post, you will get to see photographs of Imenella's and Tove Styrke's sets and read about my thoughts about their show. 
Imenella's show started with an opening act named Ramona! She performed her song 1851 which you can listen to here: It was so funny how some of the photographers in the photo pit thought she was Imenella. When one of the security guards made sure to let everyone know that Ramona was the opening act, some of them were like "Ahaaa, is that so?". Clearly those people hadn't done their homework. x))
After Ramona's set of 2-3 songs, it was time for Imenella! 
Imenella's backdrop contained 8 narrow screens which were showing different visuals such as colorful patterns and some of her music videos. I liked the idea of this and the visuals were visible enough to see but didn't took the attention from Imenella and her dancers. 
I really appreciated the fact that Imenella used her platform to give a spotlight to other upcoming artists. Other than her opening act, Imenella brought a second artist. In my surprise it was Elias Abbas! A familiar face from Melodifestivalen!
Even though I didn't knew most of Imenella's songs, I really enjoyed her set. I absolutely loved the power women of dancers Imenella had with her on stage! I loved seeing the diversity and seeing many different people being represented on stage! 
One particular song which got stuck in my head after the show was "S/O". The lyrics of the chorus really gets stuck "Shout out to bestfriends, shoutout to my haters..." 
Here in Sweden, I rarely get to see southeast Asians creatives in the entertainment industry. As a Filipina, it made me very glad to see another southeast asian on stage! It's not often I feel I get represented in this enviroment. But when it happens, it makes me all warm in inside. 
One more thing I really liked about the show was the fact that they had real choregraphy. Which Imenella was also participating in! 
For "Chagga" they did the choregraphy from their P#-Guld performance earlier this year! I really enjoyed that number and it was so much fun seeing it live! 
I liked the overall impression I got from Imenella's show. It had a good flow and you got to see many different personalities on stage which was nice! 
Tove Styrke set was all about the details!
First thing you would notice was her outfit. She was dressed in purple with all white fringes detached on her clothing. There were also smaller details of pearls and prints. The jacket was selfmade by Tove and on the back it was written: "Tove Styrke". The band in the back had matching outifts. Tove was also wearing a veil as n extra detail. 
The backdrop wasn't that much to it than her name written all over it in white text. But she complement this with light in the back of the stage. Tove also had a clear colour scheme to her lighting which were: white, magenta and some hints of blue/purple. 
Another small detail I noticed was the band was on a platform which was higher up that made them more visible to the audience. 
Except for the band Tove was all by herself on stage. She still has this playfulness in her personality which I already saw in her back when she was starting up as an artist. It was fun to see how she could switch between her more sassy side to her playful cute side so easy and quick. 
I've been listening to Tove a bit before and one of my favorite songs by her is "Say My Name". But after the show I've started to like "Mistakes" more as well. Another song that also got stuck was "I Lied".
In one part of the set, Tove went back of the stage to get some roses which she threw out to the audience. This small act was actually very warming to see and it was something I haven't seen at a concert before.
It was two very different concerts at the same day but it was nice getting to experince them after each other since it made more of an impact that way. 
That was it for this time, hope you enjoyed seeing my photos of Imenella's and Tove Styrke's shows at Liseberg! 
Until next time, ingat!