Lizel Strömberg

Hello, long time no see! I hope you are well!
As you can tell I haven't been posting any blog posts here for quite a while. This time the main reason has been because I've been on tour! For the past 1 and a half month I have been doing my annual press work at Melodifestivalen. This year it was our fourth time being on set and it was Jenevia's last year to be on set to do press coverage of the contest. Even though we headed into the season with this knowledge, we had the mind set to do the most out of our time at Melfest 2019.
Previous years, as the most I have only been at 3 and a half stops during a tour, but this time it was different and I ended up going to 5 out of 6 stops. It was definitely more challenging to being travelling to new cities each week, working at my ordinary job and making the time to edit my photography in between all of the work and footage we created throughout these weeks. 
I still have tons of photographs and moments that I've captured along the tour of Melodifestivalen, which I will be sharing successive in different ways. Some photographs will be posted on my Instagram (@LIZELSTROMBERG) and others will be shared in different kinds of blog posts here on my blog. I've came up with using my photos in a way to share my opinions and making lists. Some of the topics I will be sharing from Melodifestivalen are:
"TOP 5 Favorite performances in Melfest 2019"
"Best Posers"
"Partying at Melodifestivalen" 
"Seeing the press work at Melodifestivalen"
This specific post is mainly a quick update on why I haven't been creating blog posts these past few months. I will be sharing a post about attending "Eldfesten" before my Melodifestivalen blog posts come since Melfest is not the only thing I do coverage of. 
Most of the times when I'm submiting my blog posts I get anxious and worried about what I'm writing, specially since all of it is in English which is my second language. Even though I feel anxious about creating this, I've missed taking the time to write my thoughts out and being creative in an other way than photography. 
My next Melfest blog post will be a summery of Melodifestivalen 2019, I will be sharing my thoughts, experiences and my photographs from this tour. The post will be coming within the upcoming week!
This was it for this time! I'm back and I hope you will enjoy the upcoming content!
Until next time, ingat!