Lizel Strömberg

The piano ABBA made "Dancing Queen" on!
Melodifestivalen 2017 is closing in very fast now!
I still have footage from last year that I want to share so I will just keep them coming!
During the finale of Melfest 2016 Jenevia and I got invited to "The Family's" studio. We did another one-on-one interview with the talented composing team. They talked about how it's to be working in Melodifestivalen, what they do during the rehearsals, about the swedish pop industry and so much more! 
They had their own studio dog which was so cute! She kept looking towards me during the whole interview and I couldn't keep myself from taking photos of her!
After the interview we got the opportunity to look around the studio to see some of the equipment and instrument they use to produce songs. I must say, their studio was very cozy and I would have loved to being able to work in an environment like their's. 
When we went our tour in their studio we walked passed this beautiful piano which they told us was one of the pianos ABBA made their song "Dancing Queen"! How cool isn't that???
Later on that day we had an one-on-one interview with the amazing writer/director for Melfest 2016. Hear him talk about working with Melodifestivalen, Eurovision but also working with Alcazar and their show "Disco defenders" and so much more in the video below!
Unfortunately, Edward af Sillén is not working with Melfest 2017 which many of the fans of Melodifestivalen is very sad about. So we keep our fingers crossed that the show still will be good despite Edward's abscence!