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Melodifestivalen 2018 has officially started!
Hello everyone! 
I came back home to Sweden this past Saturday but I left for Karlstad only three days after I arrived. I’m currently reunited with Jenevia in Karlstad as Melodifestivalen 2018 has started! We are here to do press coverage and this is my first post about the contestants in semifinal 1. I have lots of new photos from the set here in Karlstad but while I'm editing those, here's pictures of the contestants from the press conference back in December in Stockholm. In this post, I will tell you about which acts are in semfinal one and some of my thoughts about their song as I've heard them during the listening session earlier this week. I'm not very good at commentary, so I will just give some thoughts about each song/entry of the vibe and what heard. Nothing fancy but I will try my best. 
Let's get this post started!
The opening act of this year’s season is Sigrid Bernsson with the song "Patrick Swayze". I think this song is Sigrid’s best one so far. Personally, it’s not something for me. It’s an uptempo song and I guess I can understand that it might fit for the "arena vibe" but I wish it would be something more to it. That it would drop and pop a lot more than it does. But that’s just my opinion. If you like Sigrid’s earlier releases you will probably like "Patrick Swayze". 
John Lundvik is one of the debutants in this year’s season. He is a bit known for the public but most for being a songwriter and this will be his first big appreance. John is one of the best vocalist that has been participated in the contest and he really shows what he got in his song "My turn". Having a ballad in Melfest can be a tricky and you have to be able to emote during the performance which not everyone succeed with but I think that John will pull it off. 
Renaida is new-comer and some of you might know her from Swedish Idol. I was shook when I first heard " All the feels", I was not prepared for the song to pop and have the edge it has. Renaida is a good vocalist and she has the attitude to pull of a bop as "All the feels". It has a very good production and it's a lot edgy than a lot of songs are in Melfest and I'm loving it!
Edward Blom's song "Livet på en pinne" is basically about living your life to the fullest. Personally, I don't really enjoy this song. But I can understand the people who will like it. It's a goofy song and easy going. It's a bit different and I think the people that don't like that the young male artists always getting the hype and qualify might vote for this just to have something else in the finals. 
Kikki Danielsson's "Osby Tennesse" is a slow country song which is her biography in three minutes. It's not a bad song and I think it can be a bit cozy to listen to the song but it's not something that I will put on play. If you know Swedish I think you can connect to the song more since she has put the focus on the lyrics. 
Kamferdrops, "Solen lever kvar hos dig" is a very typical Kamferdrop song and when you listen to the song you can hear her sound in it directly. Which is neccessarily not a bad thing but I would have liked for them to switch it up a bit, have done more to the production like a drop or a change to make a more impact.
The act closing semifinal 1 is Benjamin Ingrosso, which I definitley understand. His song "Dance You Off" is a bop and a lot sexier than his previous releases. We know by now that Benjamin is a very good songwriter and he keep showing it with his music that he release. I love the vibe and groove in "Dance You Off" and with his showmanship, I'm sure we will enjoy watching him perform this on Saturday.
Only based on the studio versions of the songs in semifinal 1, this is my ranking of which I like the most.
7th: Edward Blom - "Livet på en pinne"
6th: Kikki Danielsson - "Osby Tennesse"
5th: Kamferdrops - "Solen lever kvar hos dig"
4th: Sigrid Bernsson - Patrick Swayze"
3th: John Lundvik - "My Turn"
For the 2th and 1th place, it's a tie between: Benjamin Ingrosso "Dance You Off" and Renaida, "All The Feels". Can't choose which one of them is my favorite because I like both of them a lot. I will have to listen to them more to be able to know which I like the most but even if I do so, I might not be able to pick one. 
If you want to hear the 30 seconds videos of each songs you can listen through them here:
This was it for this time, a very brief post but I will be sharing my content from Karlstad as soon as I'm able to. Make sure to stay tuned on my Instagram and Twitter to get the latest updates:
Until next time, ingat!