Lizel Strömberg

On our schedule for the first day of "Göteborgs Kulturkalas", we had planned to see Confusion Cosplay which held a cosplay competition at "Götaplatsen", Norlie & KKV and "Nästa Nivå" (which will be in it's own blog post". 
First off was the cosplay competition. The participants were people from Sweden but also Denmark. The participations was going to do a performance from the serie their character are from. The judges were going to decided the winner based on the participants performance but also how well they had made their cosplay such as crafts, clothing and makeup. 
I didn't managed to get any photographs from the actual performances that I was satisfied with because of the harsh light and because the participants stood way too far from the edge off the stage so there were not visible enough for me to shoot. 
The photographs I'm happy about were the ones I took of the people around the crowd. There were not only the participants that had come in cosplay but also some of the people in the crowd. Like the girls below!
The participants of the competition came out to get their photos taken and to meet the people who had came to support them. Carol and I took the opportunity to say hi and take some quick portraits of them in their cosplay.  
Later that evening we went to see Norlie & KKV. I can't say I'm a very big fan of them to know every single song, but I enjoy listen to their music. Norlie & KVV is a Swedish "hiphop" duo consisting by Sonny Fahlberg (Norlie) and Kim Vadenhag (KKV). They are most known for their songs: "Tröjan du hatar" and  "Där jag hämger min hatt" but their latest singles such as "Din Idiot" and "Ingen annan rör mig som du" are very popular as well.
I'm not entirely sure about how many times I have seen Norlie & KKV over the years but since I started photographing more serious, I have only seen them one time before. Last year and this time, both of the shows had an horrible lightning. That horrible that I even had to edit them in black and white. I NEVER edit my photographs in black&white only in worst case. I got very annoyed because I know could have got decent pictures only if they had a little more light in front and not too much of the colour in magenta. 
It was truly a challenge to photograph them but also to edit the pictures afterwards. I can't say this is my best shots and edits. At least I got one experience richer and learn something in the process. 
Other than the horrible lightning, the show of Norlie & KKV was pretty good. I liked their energy and their music. I knew a lot more songs than I thought I would. 
That's the end of the first post from "Göteborgs Kulturkalas 2016". Despite facing problems through out the day with our photographs, we had fun together. Always such fun with Carol! 
I'm so sorry for the delay with all my photos, I really want to post more often for you but also because I want to share what I've been working on. I'm super busy these day with two different work and school while I'm doing my photography.
Need to do some investments soon so I can start working faster because my equipment is not keeping up with me. But I'm currently working as fast as I can and I will be posting new pictures soon!
- Stay tuned and take care until next time!