Lizel Strömberg

LIAMOO performing in his hometown
LIAMOO has been someone that has been growing a lot as an artist only within this past year or two. We know him firstly from winning Swedish Idol 2016. This year he became more known through his participation in Melodifestivalen. LIAMOO has released numerous of singles since 2016 but only recently released his first EP. This past summer he went on tour around Sweden to perform for his fans. In this post I will be sharing photographs of his concert at Kulturkalaset and share some thoughts about their set. 
I had seen LIAMOO and DJ Checki peform together at another occasion last year. At the time, I think both of them were kind of new to doing gigs on tour and was only just starting to get familiar to their own set up. Back then, I didn't really thought much about the gig. It wasn't much to it. What I remember was that the girls would go crazy over Liam, I was a bit frustrated because I couldn't get that good of photos of Liam because he would cover his face with the microphone and that he would do an okay set with his few released songs. 
Seeing LIAMOO and DJ Checki at Kulturkalset was completely different. Both of them felt more confident on stage, they have created a set where both of them have an important role in the show and they complete each other on a different level. Liam is the front figure, he's the laidback artist and doing his thing. While Checki is the funny DJ, the support of Liam and helping the audience to get more hyped up. I think the chemisty between Liam and Checki works very well toghether and the audience get to connect with the two of them in a different way than if it would only be one of them on stage. 
LIAMOO had new songs in his setlist which has not been released yet. I don't remember the titles of them, but what I can tell you is that several of them were uptempo/midtempo. One of the songs had a more dance vibe to it and a "tropical" sound to it. Personally, I really enjoyed these unreleased songs and I can't wait until LIAMOO release them. What I know about what kind of music my followers who are fans of Swedishpop likes, I think you will like the songs. 
Before the show I had no idea how much fun I would have to photograph DJ Checki! He would make the most funny faces and move around a lot more than I expected. Unfortunately the stage was way too high for me to being able to capture more photos of him as he would be in the back of the stage. 
It's funny how I first found out about LIAMOO was through Molly Petterson Hammar by her Snapchat stories where she would post the most ridiculous videos of Liam when he was on Swedish Idol. She would be acting as a fan and tell her followers about how hot he was. At the time, I had no idea who he was because I haven't watched Swedish Idol since 2011. But because Molly and a lot of other people would post about Liam, I decided to do research to find out who he was. The only performance that peeked my interested was "Beautiful silence". I really liked that song but I didn't started to pay attention to LIAMOO until he started to release his own material. Since "Beautiful silence" is from Liam's Idol time, I wasn't prepared to hear it live on the set but it was a nice surprise when I heard the intro of the song at the show. 
Some of the songs LIAMOO performed was: "Playing with fire", "All On You" and of course "Last Breath".
One thing that might be a very small detail but something I still want to highlight was the fact that LIAMOO took his sunglasses off in the last part of the show. You often see LIAMOO in his sunglasses all the time, as it's a part of his image. 
LIAMOO told us that it was a dream coming true to perform at Kulturkalaset as it's one of the biggest festival in Gothenburg, which is his hometown. 
After the show, LIAMOO came out to greet his fans and to take some photos with them. It's always nice seeing fans getting to meet someone they admire. I made sure to say hi to LIAMOO as we are familiar to each other from Melfest. But I also made sure to introduce myself to Checki as I haven't met him before. 
I asked the guys to take a photo of them together which they were happy to pose for. Had a bit of a struggle getting them in frame because they are so much taller than me but I think I made it pretty good in the end. 😄
That was it for this time, hope you enjoyed this post and to see my photographs of LIAMOO and DJ Checki. 
Until next time, ingat!