Lizel Strömberg

Vanilla Tea
Lately, I've been occupied with a lot of different schoolworks, so I haven't really had the time to update here as much as I want because school comes first. 
For two weeks, I've been taking some medicine to get my acne disappear and it's actually working!
I'm really grateful and happy about that!
One thing that I need to think about when it comes to my medicin is that, I shouldn't drink that much milk, so instead of eating porridge every morning, I've started to drink tea and eat sandwiches.
I tried this new flavor ''vanilla'' and it's my favorite one at the moment!
 New blog posts about what I've been up to and which artists that I've seen lately, will come eventually.
What you can look forward to: State of Drama, Dead By April, Det Vet Du, Backstreet Boys and The Exchange!