Lizel Strömberg

Jul På Liseberg | 2015
In the end of 2015, we went to Liseberg for our annual visit to see the "Christmas market". 
There's everything from different kinds of food/sweets to the Middle Ages market with things such as bows, knifes and clothings. You never know what you can find that you fancy. 
Despite the cold, it's actually quite cosy to go around the amusment park and see all the beautiful lights. I was a bit lazy to take pictures that day since I was super cold even if I had taken some extra layers of clothing. The cold and I don't really go that well together. 
I absolutely LOVE fudge! Too bad they didn't had any lactose free options that I could buy. 
One of the last things we did at Liseberg, was to see last year's ice skating show. The theme was "Hansel & Gretel". I was very impressed how the production team had really thought about the lightning and the music to make the show give a bigger impact. From what I can remember from previous years, it felt like they had stepped up their game.