Lizel Strömberg

Nickelodeon day with artists as Yohio, Alexander Vasiliou and more!
We went to see Nickelodeon day mostly to be ready to take place front row during Kim Cesarion's concert after the show. But I was looking forward to see Alexander Vasiliou as well!
It was some young singers there performing which I think have been competing in talents shows earlier and somehow got the opportunity to go on the tour.
Yohio was there and you could tell that the majority of the audience were there for him. It was my first time seeing him live and he was actually better than I thought he would be but yet nothing really for me. 
The lightning and the smoke was really good when Yohio was performing and I got some really good shots which I wanted to share so that's the reason why there's so many pictures of him. x) 
Oh, and I met Alexander after the show. Such a happy guy, and he seemed glad that I took the time to come by and say hi. :)