Lizel Strömberg

Winter Cold
Hello everyone!
The past couple of days I have been absent here on my blog and from my social medias. I haven't been able to post anything because I've been sick and have been focusing on getting better. For me, that always has something to work on it's very hard to stay at home to do nothing at all. 
Despite being home and sick, I have been able to do some editing. I have lots of content in the making and I'm looking forward to share it with you. These upcoming months will be very interesting, challenging and fun! As for now, things are still a secret and I will fill you in when things are getting closer. 
When I'm sick and having a cold, I make sure to eat citrus fruits, drink a lot of water and tea. Yesterday, when I was feeling productive I decided that I wanted to take the time to take some photos of my new tea cup that I bought. 
My friend Lina has recently started her own online shop named "Irene's Bjudningar", where she sells different products for your tea time/fika time. For example, tea mugs, cake plates, coffee cups and more! Lina's theme on her company has a more vintage look, which I really like. I think she's doing a great job on her company and really thinking through her work, for example what products to buy that stays true to her business image and her marketing. I'm very proud of her and I look forward to see how she will evolve her work and how the company will grow.
When I was looking through her range of products, there was one mug that caught my attention. First I wasn't sure on buying it because I need to save my money but after a lot of thinking I came to mind that if I don't buy it now, I will probably regret it later. The wood coaster is actually handmade and you can use it as a cover as well. Now, when I've used the mug for the first time, I'm very happy with my purchase. It's lovely and it makes a good photo. Haha. 
If you live in Sweden, I highly recommend you to visit 'Irenes Bjudningar" to see if there's anything in your taste of products to use while having a fika. For anyone, whether where you live, if you want to simply just follow a Instagram with nice photos you can check her Instagram at
I have an announcment to reveal later this week. I'm very nervous but yet excited for it. If you are curious to know what it is, keep an eye out on my social medias to know when it's time for me to make my announcement. Any guesses of what it can be? 😉
This was it for this time. Wish you a nice week and until next time, ingat!