Lizel Strömberg

Mundo fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa
The portugese kitchen have a lot of different kinds of fish in numerous of their cuisines. One particular fish that Portugal is very famous for, which you can find basically anywhere are sardines. When we walked the streets of Lisbon we came a cross a store that caught our eyes. It was a store which was selling sardines with different flavours and the more out standing thing about these packages was the design
All these tin containers had different years stated on it, starting from 1916 until 2017 and the idéa was to find your birth year which would tell you of a particular event that happened that year. Each decade had also their own basic colour. I think the concept of the sardines store is very clever and attract tourists to try out the fish which is a part of the food culture. You could also find these kind of packages in some gift shops and other convientstores. 
I liked the theme they had for the store, which was like a circus and the fact they followed through it with also having a carrousell in the store and the staff dressed up which suit the theme. 
We didn't bought any sardiners for ourselves since we didn't wanted to try it but it was still fun to take a look in the store. You could tell that we were not the only ones falling for the tourist trap as there were numerous of people walking in only to take pictures inside the store. Haha.
Until next time, ingat!