Lizel Strömberg

Eating out with my cousins
There’s tons of different kinds of selections of fast food chains in the Philippines, both regional and international. One night in Manila, my cousins came to visit me at the hotel and we decided to eat out so we went to Shakey’s.  
My cousin Eduardo are always keen to get new pictures and as no surprise he wanted me to take some photos of him in the restaurant. Haha. 
As being lactose intolerant there options of food are more limited and the food at Shakey’s, most of the dishes they had contained cheese and sauces with lactose in them. Due to the fact that I was sick I didn’t want to take my medicine for lactose, so I ordered a salad. Not the option I would have chosed but that was the best option for my stomach at the time. You can kinda tell that I'm very tired in this photo. 😆
One of my cousins were so hungry that he took food on his plate before anyone could take photos of all the food. And I was actually not the only one who gave him a look and told him to stop touching the food. My other cousins were actually more into the idea to photograph the food than I was, which was a first time for me. 😂
I had a lovely time eating dinner with my cousins, as we were waiting for the food and the check we actually took some video footage from the restuarant as well. But that footage will hopefully be posted at another time. If not in a video on my channel, a short clip from it might be posted on my IGStory. 🙈
I don't have more to say or show from this evening, so I will just leave you to watching the pictures. 
Until next time, ingat!
(These photos are taken with my small camera which is the reason why the pictures are in less quality than normally.)