Lizel Strömberg

Backstreet Boys - In A World Like This: Tour 2014
As many of my friends know, I'm a huge fan of boybands. Backstreet Boys has been my idols since as long as I can remember.
About a month ago, a dream of mine came true: I went and saw Backstreet Boys live for the first time!
The day didn't started that well, I came late for school and I was so stressed out, cause I didn't wanted to be at the arena too late.
First I was suppose to have a seating ticket, but I got my aunt's standing ticket instead.
I'm so grateful that she offered to trade the tickets so I could go with Annelie!
So, THANK YOU SO MUCH HILDA for doing that for me! 
I met up with Annelie at the arena.
Believe it or not, we actually met Howie and Nick from the Backstreet Boys! (!!!)
We said hi to them, but unfortunatly they didn't had enough time to take pictures with us. 
Before entering the arena, it was chaos because the queue-system that the fans had set, didn't work out because of some disrespectful people. 
 Luckily for me and Annelie, we ended up first in line, in one of the queues.
I had never been so stressed out and nervous about getting good spots for a concert before. Haha, poor Annelie had to try to calm me down.
 They opened the doors and we ran to the stage and we ended up front row!
It was such a relief that we finally got the spots we wanted.
We were SUPER excited for the show and we literally just couldn't wait for it to start!
First thing that happened was that Brian entered the stage to present his son Braylee that was going to perform for us.
Braylee was the cutest boy ever and he surely had his dad's music talent in his blood. 
 Earlier that day, Annelie had spoken about the supporting act 'The Exchange' and she was absolutely sure that it was a girl band. When they hit the stage, we got the biggest surprise ever, cause they surely wasn't girls. Haha
'The Exchange' was actually really good, and we were both amazed how good their voices were and how much energy they had on stage!
After the supporting act, it was finally time to see Backstreet Boys!
You could feel the excitement in the room and people were just screaming when they entered the stage!
The show was absolutely fantastic! They sang both old songs from back in the days and new ones from the latest album.
It was incredible to hear the songs that I've been listening for so long!
I also loved how much Backstreet Boys were interacting with the audience in different ways. They were singing to their fans, taking picture with them, took several cameras/phones to record themselves singing.
And they were shaking hands with people, looking in their eyes while singing and holding the fans hands. 
I got attention from everyone of the band, and it was just a great feeling to finally be able to see my idols live like that. 
 I have seen so many different bands live before, but no one has been as amazing as Backstreet Boys!
I LOVED the show, and I couldn't ask for more! 
After the show Annelie and I met the guys in The Exchange, and it was so nice to meet them!
Lovely guys who really showed their appreciation for the support they got. 
 Just look how happy we all looked in this picture! ^_^
And thank you Annelie for everything that day, it was so much fun hanging out with you! x