Lizel Strömberg

Throwback Thursday: Birthday celebration!
Carol is going to laugh and say: "Told you so!", when she gets to see this blog post. The thing is, I told her I would post this around the time we met and photograph these pictures. She knows me way too well, so when I told her that, her response was simply:
- "No you won't, you will post it in a couple months".
I was going to prove her wrong, but I guess it became true after all. Even though it's kind of late to post these pictures, I wanted to share them here on my blog and with you anyway. 
These pictures are from her birthday back in January. Madde and I surprised her with dinner at the restuarant in Saigon. We hadn't met in a while, so it was nice to get back together to hang out and celebrate Carol's birthday. 
As always, Carol and I were taking photos and just had a fun time together with Madde. It was nice catching up and just hang out. 
We were suppose to buy some bubble tea as well, but unfortunetly there was no boba left so I was the only one buying it. I still wanted some kind of dessert and since it was Carol's birthday we decided to go to Expresso House to get "kladdkaka". "Kladdkaka" is one of the most popular cake here and it's very tasty. It's definitely one of my favorites!
Before we went separate ways, we took some pictures of the three of us. We had some problems getting all of us in frame and getting pictures were everyone was satisfied of how they looked. We even asked some one to take the picture for us, but it didn't went that well since the person was not used to using a DSLR camera. We ended up having lots of funny pictures and Carol couldn't decide one to upload so she solve the problem by working her magic and created a great college with the different pictures, which I absolutely love!
If you want to see more of Carol's pictures from that day you can check them out at her blog:
To end this blog post I will say: Very belated happy birthday Carol! Haha.