Lizel Strömberg

The 5-star Luxury Hotel: Okada
The 5 star luxury hotel Okada is not only for the guests to take part of, the public are also allowed to visit to see the stylish, iconic and different interior design of the building. My cousins and I took the opportunity to take the journey to Okada to see the extravagance of the hotel. 
Hotel Okada is located in Parañaque, Metro Manila in the Philippines and was open in 2017. There's also a big casino in the middle of the hotel for people to come and gamble. Okada also have a large fontain where they hold a water-light shows during the evenings. 
One step inside the hotel and you could already tell that it's a luxury hotel with 5 stars. The staff in the entrance had beautiful working clothes and most of them were stunning. The lobby were colorful with beautiful decor in the ceiling, the tables were of marmor and even the lamps had small details that match the interior design. We definitely were not dressed properly for this kind of enviroment. 
We walked around to see the different kinds of art in the building, took lots of pictures but also just enjoy seeing something new. There were also a lot of different stores in the hotel which was selling clothing, jewelleries, pastries and more. We didn't look into the stores as much since they were closing up but I'm pretty sure they were very expensive. 
Unfortunately, you were not allowed to take photos of the casino because of safety for the ones playing. But even the casino part had beautiful and colorful design on the machines and the furnitures. I'm not sure if there's even picutres of it if you try to google the place. 
When walking around the place we also found some kind of exhibition by "Orange County Choppers". I love this chopper, I like the cool design and the colorus of it. 
There were lots of people in the area, all of them walking around taking photos. Getting a photo without having people in your shot was almost impossible but at least I got one which is of my cousin Ronald. 
Here's a photo of the art in one part of the building. This doesn't show a fair picture of it looked liked on set but I really liked them, it looked bubbles in the air. 
In the middle of the lobby there were these huge flower arrangements. EVERYONE were taking photos in front of them and of course, we had to do it as well. It was a hassle getting this photo taken. I used my tripod so all of us would be in the photo. We would have to be still to set the camera to a slower shutter speed to get more light in the lens since we didn't use a flash. If we would move too much, we would be blurry. We got so much looks while trying to get photos and making faces but it was so much fun!
It was a nightmare to edit these photos since the colours were everywhere because I had the wrong settings. But I highly recommend you to visit Hotel Okada if you ever are in Manila. I mean, even the bathrooms in Okada is luxury. It was high tech and had a console where you could press buttons for it to open the cover, flush, wash your butt and clean the toilet seat. It's a big building and you will probably need at least 2 hours to walk around and see everything. Haha.
Well, that was it for this time. Hope you enjoyed this post! What do you think of Hotel Okada from what you got to see on the pictures? 😊
Until next time, ingat!