Lizel Strömberg

One of the highest points in Legazpi
I don't know about you, but the weeks are flying by! It's already Friday again and the first week of September is soon over. Can't believe how fast it's going! I'm back again with another throwback to the Philippines, in this post I will take you to a short trip to Ligñon Hill which is located in Legazpi. 
I think the best weather I had during my whole month in The Philippines must have been that day we went to Ligñon Hill. It was burning hot all day and not a lot of clouds on the sky to get cover from the sun. It was a bit of hassle to travel to Ligñon Hill as we took the public transportation. First we took a van, then a jeepney and then we took two different tricycles in the city of Legazpi. Ligñon Hill is one of the highest points in Legazpi and you can see the famous volcano Mayon from there. 
Fortunately, we got a ride to the top of the hill from the nice people working by the entrance before you start the long walk upwards. Once we got to the top of the Hill, we got to see this amazing view of the city of Legazpi. It was very cool getting to see a new angle of the city. 
Here's a photo of 3 out of 4 cousins who accompany me to visit the hill, in this photo they are taking a break and hiding from the sun. I didn't took a lot of photos that day as it was way too hot to even think about getting footage. Landscape photography isn't my thing either so I had a bit of a struggle to know how to capture what I wanted. 
This is the famous volcano Mayon which is the most active volcano in The Philippines. It's consider to be the most perfect shaped volcano because of it's summetrical form. Despite all the destruction the volcano has done, it's quite amazing. I've seen it being active one time when it had a big eruption back in 2006. Luckily, my family and I were not effected by it as bad as many others were. Mayon actually had an eruption only a day or two after I left Bicol which forced many locals to evacuate their homes and a lot of the schools in the near by area had to cancel the education for several days. 
Photographing a group of people that is more than 3 people is very difficult without a tripod. We had to do what we could with the situation we were in and ended up getting this photo. Haha. Not the best photo at all but I guess it has it's own charm. Next time I'm visiting the Philippines, I'm definitely going to try to use my tripod more even if it's a struggle to carrying it when traveling. 
We walked around a bit before we started our journey down the Hill. We definitely got our excersie of the week when walking down the hill, which I think the highest point was around 156 meters from the city below. I had never been at Ligñon Hill before so I was very happy to being able to see more of the city and visit a new place. 
It was it for this time, a very short post since there was not much else to say or photos to show. To end this post, I want to wish you a great weekend!
Until next time, ingat!