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Tjuvjakt, a name that pops up a lot
Tjuvjakt is a group that has for the past two years grown very quickly here in Sweden. They have been around since 2013 but they made a more of a name for themselves in 2017 as they released their album "Pojkvän". For me that hasn't been paying that much attention to the hiphop scene in Sweden, suddenly got to hear their name "Tjuvjakt" a lot amongs teens and people in their early 20's. Tjuvjakt is a band from Stockholm who releases hip hop music in Swedish. The group has 5 members:
  • Olle Grafström
  • Arvid Lundquist
  • Kid Eriksson
  • Jesper Swärd
  • Fredrik "Woodz" Eriksson
A couple of weeks ago, three acts were performing on the very same day Norlie & KKV, Petter and Tjuvjakt. First out of these acts were Tjuvjakt, they were the one act who had the more younger audience of the evening. I had seen these guys at a previous occasion and was aware that they have a very dedicated fanbase. 
Kid & Fredik were in charge of the dj booth and were most of the times behind it and doing their thing. 
The members Jesper, Olle and Arvid were very good at taking the stage. They would make sure to move around at the different sides of the stage to interact with their audience. One thing that I noticed was they knew how to make the girls worked up as they would get a bit flirty.
"Tårarna i halsen" is one of Tjuvjakt’s most popular songs which you also could tell by how excited the audience became when they performed that particlar song. Even as someone that hans't been listening to it much myself, I still knew the lyrics to the chorus.
Due to the fact that the song has been well talked about, streamed a lot and it seems like Tjuvjakt is one of the bands which gets pushed a bit more than many other acts. From what I could tell, it looks like they are always out on the road performing and have the fan base that is very dedicated. Having all of these facts in consideration, I got surprised to see that they don't have a music video for "Tårarna i Halsen". Such a shame and I think they miss out of some of the promotion they could have get through having the video for it. 
As there were three acts perfoming that day, you could tell which ones in the audience were there for someone else than the perfoming act. Even if some people didn't knew the songs, they would still move along to the music.
One song that I remember better than others from the set is "Vad händerå?". I don’t know if it was because I had troubles getting my video of that performance on my InstaStory and heard it more than the others, but I kinda like the melodies in it.
Tjuvjakt's music is probably not something I will listen to on a regular basis since I'm more of a pop kind of girl and usually I tend to like music with more of a production to it. Maybe I will listen to a song or two once in while since the melodies of "Tårarna i Halsen" and "G-Unit & Canada Goose" gets stuck in my head after hearing just a bit of them. But I do understand the appeal of their music, their melodies has a nice flow and the lyrics are easy to follow along.
It was nice getting to properly see Tjuvjakt and to get a more of a insight of what kind of music they release but also what kind of artists they are on stage, consider that their name pops up now and then. 
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yuhh! Snart dags för höstturné! Ses i en stad nära dig😌

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That was it for this time. Hope you enjoyed this post and liked the pictures in it. Don't hesitate to reach out and let me know what you think about anything you saw in this post and what you think about the songs I linked!
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