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Music Monday | Auður - I'd Love
I was suppose to publish another blog post before this, but I had to take a minor break from my social medias and my blog to sort out things in my life. Hopefully you don't mind having two Music Monday's posted right after each other. 
About once a week, I go over the "new release" tag/category on Spotify to see what's new. I pick songs to listen to by the artists that I like, names I'm familiar to and single covers or titles that catch my interest. The song that I will share today, I happen to find by accident. I recently found out about Auður, he's an artist from Iceland. He release electronic music that has some R&B influences. Auður released his debut album earlier this year named 'Alone' which contains nine songs. 
(Picture reposted from Auður's Facebook page)
I saw the single cover of a song called "I'd Love" on Spotify and I'm not sure why I decided to listen to it but I'm glad I did! I really enjoy Auður's song "I'd Love". The beat in the song was the sound that caught my attention. I like the vibe in production and I really like the solo part of a guitar in the bridge. The music video of 'I'd Love' is a bit dramatic and he's basically walking upside down on the roof. 
When I try to do research about Auður, it's hard to find information. If you want to take a more look in to him and get a better view on who he is as an artist here's some links to his social medias:
Believe it or not, Auður has posted a visual album of 'Alone' on his YouTube channel for everyone to listen to and it contains all of his nine songs of the album. I haven't had the time to listen through it yet, but I will try to do that later on. If there's anyone interested in listening to it, I will insert the video down below. 
That was about it for this time. More of my regular updates from events will be coming later this week. Stay tuned if you want to find out more. Until next time, ingat!
Music Monday | Doctor
Music is one of my passions and there's not a day single day that pass without me listening to music. I recently made a poll on my InstaStory if people would be interested if I started to share different music releases that I enjoy. The result of the poll told me that the interest is there so I decided I would give it a try. To make it clear, when I will give tips of music to listen to, I will put "Music Monday" or "MM" in the title. How I will structure these blog posts can vary, some times there will be one song and other times there will be more. Just to give a headsup, I have not enough knowledge in music to review it in dept as some people do but I will try my best. There will be music tips from different regions, not only music from Sweden. I listen to music from the Philippines, Eastern Europe and the mainstream music from UK and US. There might be songs from other places as well, you never know. The music I will share will mainly be pop but you never know, I might find other type of music that I would want to share as well. 
Here it goes, this will be my first Music Monday! 
I will begin this new type of content with sharing music from Loïc Nottet as he recently released a new song that I really enjoyed. Loïc Nottet is an artist from Belgium. I first discovered Loïc during Eurovision Song Contest 2015. His entry "Rythm Inside" was one of my favorites that year and made me wanting to keep an eye out for his future releases. What I liked about him was that he felt different and the edge of his song was something that I started to like. 
Two weeks ago, Loïc released his new single "Doctor" in time for Halloween. 
(Picture reposted from Loïc's Facebook page)
You can tell that they really thought about the marketing for this song and made sure to release it in time for something special in mind, this time it was Halloween. If you listen to the song you get the dark, mystery and edgy feeling from it. What I like about the music Loïc release is that it isn't really the typical mainstream sound that you get to hear on the radio and that it have a more edgy sound to it. Loïc is also a very good vocalist. I was happy to see that there is a music video for "Doctor". I think they have made a very great job at sticking to a theme throughout the whole release of this single. The single cover, the sound of the song and the music video have a common denominator which also plays out with the release date. That's how you market your release and time it! After the first listen through there was no brainer for me that I wanted it on my playlist. It's a bit different from what I usually listen to but I like it! The atmospher and vibe that they created for the music video really fits the theme. 
What do you think about Loïc's song "Doctor"? Is that your type of music? 
- Please leave a comment below and let me know if Music Monday is something you are interested in?
Until next time, ingat!
New fresh design!
If you have visited my blog before, you might notice that I've changed the design. I had the same design here on my blog for about 3 years and recently I've slowly started to get tired of it. It wasn't that I didn't liked it, I just felt like the design wasn't really my style anymore. A lot of things have changed over the years and I felt it was time for something new.
I decided to message one of my best friends Carol to ask her for help. She is a very good photographer but also very good at design. It took a while for Carol to start with the design, many of the reasons was myself. I had to pick out colours, shapes and fonts. I can be very picky when it comes to colours, different shades, shapes and fonts. The things I wanted didn't really match all together and it took too long so I ended up giving Carol the freedom to do whatever she liked because she knows me better than I do myself. I trust her and her expertis so I wasn't worried. 
After a lot of messages and calls, Carol had a new design ready for me to see. In the beginning I had this thing about mint green and wanted that to be my main colour but this new gold/yellow colour she made for me is much better! I've always loved the colour yellow and I can't believe I didn't thought about having something similar to it before. I guess I was afraid that it would be too much of it. I absolutely love the design, it feels more fresh and clean. It looks more professional than the one before. The design is more focused on me and the content I create. By having a new design I hope it will get me more motivated to push myself to become more active and post more regular on my blog and other social medias. Also to give a more professional impression and show people what I got. 
What do you think about my new design?
- Hopefully you like it as much as I do!
A huge thank you to Carol for helping me out with the design and for staying so patient with me! If you want to check out Carol here's the links to her Instagram and blog 💖
Until next time, ingat!