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What I'm aiming for in 2019
I hope you had a great new year's eve. I spent my evening at home with my relatives, eating plenty of food and having a nice time watching a movie. How did you spent your new year's eve? 
My opinions about having new year's resolutions have always been a bit split, but nowadays I see it as having a milestone to make it easier for yourself to see how far you have come within a year of working at becoming a better version of yourself. I think it's interesting to see how your mindset and priorities can change over the years and what effort you do to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.
For 2019, I'm not having as many resolutions as previous years because I feel the ones I will set need to have my fully focus for me to get further in life.
My new year's resolutions for 2019 are:
♡ Be one step closer to get my driver license
♡ Stop being stressed out all the time
♡ Become more efficient in my work
Except for these 3 goals I have for 2019, I always aim to experience something new and to work on becoming more confident. After suffering with stress basically through all of 2018, my main focus will be to take care of my health and find ways to be better at handling unexpected events and my anxiety. Of course there's a lot more things that I want to achieve but those things I want to keep for myself since not everyone needs to know everything. 
What's your new year's resolutions/goals or changes you want to do in 2019? Let me know in the comment section! 
To end this post I want to say thank you for all the support during 2018, for taking your time to follow me as a content creator. I wish you all the best for 2019 and I hope your upmcoming year will be filled with lots of love, laughters and worthwhile lesson. ❤️
/Until next time, ingat! 
2018 - A Roller Coaster of Emotions
2018, where to begin?
I find myself every year writing these posts about the past year. I'm not sure why other content creator write these posts, but I bet there are many different reasons behind it. For me personally, I like having these blog posts as something I can look back on in the future. In some way, it's kind of online dairy and by reading back on these thoughts I had when writing these post. I can get a sense of who I a was at that moment, where I was in life and who I wanted to become. This is also a way for me to look back on what I've achieved during a year and to share a part of my personality to the people who has decided to know a bit more about the person behind the work I usually post. 
If we look back on the resolutions I had for 2018, I've not been the best at fullfiling them.
What my goals were for 2018:
Start my business
- Starting my businiess wasn't something I felt was a good time to do this year. Many people have told me to just take a leap of faith and start a photography business. But I'm not a person that throw myself into something that I don't feel completely sure about, specially when it comes to something as huge as starting my own business. 
Becoming more structed
- I guess what I meant with this resolution was to having a more structured life and to all of my work I wanted to do in 2018. I can't say I achived this since I'm still figuring things out and it's something I'm still working on. 
Post content in a more timely manner
- My wish for 2018 was to become more productive and efficient enough to post my content in a more timely manner. If you may ask me, I think I've partly managed to achieve this because if you look back on what I've posted on my Instagram & blog, I've been a lot more active at posting photographs and stories than I ever have been before. I'm not as late with my posts and before my break, I updated on a regular basis. 
Take better care of my health: 
- I'm not going to lie, I have not been good at taking care of my health at all this year. I have most of the time been very stressed out and pushing myself way too hard when it comes to work. 
Stop working way too much without any proper rest:
- Resting and sleeping are two of the things I'm very bad at. I haven't been that good at giving myself a rest but recently I'm starting to become much better at taking my work aside and let myself to rest. 
2018 was truly a roller coaster of emotions. I have never been suffering with overflow of emotions as much as I've done this past year. There has been a lot of different impressions and new experiences throughout the year.  A lot of the times, I haven't been able to sleep properly because I didn't know how to deal with all the impressions I have taken in. People have disappointed me and surprised me. 
My year started in The Philippines, I was there on a vacation for the first time without my parents and siblings. That vacation by itself was an adventure, I was for the first time in charge by myself of what I wanted to see and experience in The Philippines. Most of my relatives lives in the Philippines and that place will always have a special place in my heart. I hadn't been in the Philippines for about 3 years so I was very happy about being back meeting my relatives and have a change in the enviroment. I got to reconnect with my roots and my relatives there on a completely new level. It was basically the first time I was confident enough to let them in and talk more with them. 
Another memorable trip this year was to Portugal. First of all, it was my first time visiting a country with a friend where I don't know the language they talk. Visiting a country where you don't know much about the culture or the language are a bit challenging. During our trip we got to experience how to travel around Lisbon with the public transportation, eating new kinds of food, saw a lot of different kinds of art and met a lot of new people. Also, I don't think I have ever experienced the amount of guys who have been so insisted on getting our attention as much as they did in Portugal, which was definitely a weird but funny experience. 
I have met a lot of different kinds of people this year, some from the past but mainly a huge amount of new faces. The main impact during 2018 has been from the people I've met. Some people have made me feel the worst about myself, that everything about what I'm doing is wrong. I've been in situations where whatever I say or do, doesn't help which has made me feel helpless. Some people have showed me their interest and wanted to get to know me more, where the turn out hasn't been what I expected. But most of all, there has been numerous of people that have made me feel that I'm enough exactly the way I am. I have also recieved a lot more validation for my work with photography. 
I think it's interesting how people's approach, actions and how they make you feel have such an impact on your life. Despite if it's directly towards you or they way they treat other people around you. 
I've become much more careful of who I want to share my time and effort to. Within the past year, it's getting more easier to see through people's smiles and action, to know who's real and who's not. Nowadays, I truly treasure those moment when people make the effort to be in my life and show geniunely kindness towards me but also other people in general. 
In 2018, I made a huge step both personally and professionally. I decided to make the most out of the contacts I have and opportunities I could get to work on my photography. I attended various events to photograph, applied for press and went out to photograph what I could to create content. I started to attend more concerts and festivals as press, I managed to create a lot more contacts and more people started to know me as a photographer. All of the work I did gave me a taste of what could become in the future once I take the step as an entreprenur. 
Photography is my passion in life and right now, I can't see myself working with something else in the future. I loved having a lot of these opportunities to create content and it was a lot of fun meeting new people. But at the same time, working on my photography and putting myself out there completely scares the shit out of me. I need to find a balance with my work and personal life if I want to take my photography to another level and have it as my mainly job. I need to find a way where I'm not as stressed out over all the tasks I want/need to do, to become efficient but still love the work I do. It's truly a challenge specially as I'm such a workaholic and not good at giving myself a time out. I have many things I want to do in 2019 but there's yet a lot of planning to do before that. I only hope I can keep on working but at the same time live my life.
Within this past year I have been able to travel, work with my passion in a new extend and meet a lot of interesting people. There has been moments where I've felt extremly bad about everything and didn't want to do anything else than just be at home and sleep. But there has also been numerous of times where I've been very happy and even the smallest thing as someone saying hi with a smile have made my day. It has been a extremly learning year. Except for all the new skills I've learned along the way, I have become a lot more confident, become more sure of who I want to be as a person and I've learned to stand up for myself more. 
I know my confident can go up and down a lot, but I'm very proud over myself for the personal growth I've done  this past year. I might be very fragile at times, but I have never been as strong as I am today. 

There has been several people from this year that have made such a huge impact, some of them are included in this post but many of them are not. Even if they are not included with names or photos, I treasure the memories and how they made me feel. 
If you have read this far, I applaud you. I get that not many people will read through this but I still wanted to write this post not only to fall for doing the same the mainstreem kind of post as many other people do. I also made this post for myself. This was it for this time, thank you for taking the time to read this post. For the support you have shown me this year. There's more things to come and I hope you will be around for the next adventure. 
Hope you will have a nice New year's eve. Happy New Year and until next time: ingat!
Where did I go?
Hey, it has been a while since I posted here on my blog. I took a break from posting content both on my Instagram and here on my blog. I didn't tell you about it here because I wasn't expecting to have over a month off from posting content. I was more in need of a break than I thought. Since more people are starting to be aware of my work, and keep tabs on what I'm doing when it comes to my photography I wanted to let you know why I have been MIA for a while. In this post I will explain the reasons behind my decision to stop posting on my social medias and what I've been doing while I've been away. 
First of all, I want to address the reasons why I decided to go on a break at all. This year, I've been working much harder with my photography than I've ever done before. From the first day in January when I was in the Philippines working on content, to being on set of Melodifestivalen and all the concerts during the summer. I've been caught in between my regular job and my photography. There have been very few moments of me doing something else than working. 
For a very long time, I've had various of important tasks regarding future plans and my life to get done. But because I've been so focused on being updated on social medias and working on my photography, I haven't been doing these tasks for the long run. I've been so behind with my content that I've been working with emergency plans, on emergency plans which hasn't been an effecient way for me to work at all. 
Lately, I've been very stressed out, feeling disorganized and lost focus on what I want to achieve. At some times, I even lost my motivation to keep working my photography. I realized the bad path I've started to walk in wasn't healthy which made me decide to do something about it. In the beginning I really didn't want to take a break from keep working on my photography and posting my work. I didn't want to lose the flow in updating regularly that I've managed to have for the past year. Also I didn't wanted to lose the small amount of people that keeps such interest in my work. But I figured out that none of those things would matter if I end up completely messing up myself and my photography in the long run, I wouldn't have anything left in that case. If people genuinely like my photography and me as a person, they would still be there once I start updating again. 
What I've done
Having this break from updating my feed on Instagram and publishing blog posts, have been a lot more helpful to my self-care and creativity than I would expect. Due to fact that I put photographing and editing to the side, I've been able to take the time and effort to do some of those important tasks I've been feeling anxious and stressed over. 
❥ I've been able to create different templates 
❥ I've done some plans of how to structure my content on different kinds of social medias
❥ Writing prioritzed lists
❥ Pick up my studying for my driver license
❥ Reflect on what I want with my photography
❥ Change my approach in my work
Except for the things I listed, I've also been able to live my life outside of work. I've been able to meet my friends and to feel how it would be like to not have photography in my life. There has been a huge amount of different emotions and impressions over the past year that I haven't taking the time to properly process until my break. It's just recently that I came to realize what kind of journey and personal growth I've done only within this past year. 
Baby Steps
With publishing this blog post, I will be starting to post more content. I have lots of photographs and stories that I haven't shared yet. I will be taking the time I need to create my content, I don't want to stress too much but I can assure you there's lots of new things coming. 
Right now I'm preparing for next Melfest season and figuring out all the logicistic about all the work there is to come. But as for now, I will start updating a little bit on my social medias again with different kinds of content, not only music related content but also of my travels the past year and my photoshoots that I've had the past 6 months. 
This will be the end of this post, but I can already now tell you there is more updates coming within the next few days.
Until next time, ingat!