The Swedish Press at Melodifestivalen

Numerous people have asked and are still asking questions about my experiences from doing press during Melodifestivalen. I don't always know what to share, there a lot of things happening during the six weeks of Melfest despite that I'm not on set every week. It's also hard to explain to someone who isn't in the enviroment themselves to make them fully understand what's it's really like. Allthough, I have thoughts and stories to share, some of them have been told here on my previous posts related to Melfest.
For those who wants to know more and hear some tea; Jenevia and I recently made a video where we go through our experiences by doing press during Melodifestivalen 2016 and 2017. We shared stories about issues we came across, how the swedish media at Melfest were like and how the overall experience to do press. It's quite a long video but I think it covers a lot of ground of how things were like. The video contains footage from our interviews which are related to what we are talking about which can help you give a picture to the topic.
Before recording the video, I was very nervous and anxious. I didn't want to come across rude or something like that since when I'm too stressed out or nervous I tend to be short and direct while talking. I was even more anxious since it would be in English. On top of that, I'm not used to be infront of the camera. I guess that makes the video even more exclusive in a way. Another struggle I had was to remember the events and occasions we were going to talk about. I'm a very observent person and some times all the impressions I recieve gets overwhelming which makes me some times forget about events that I don't necessarily need to have in my mind. I think the video turned out okay in the end and I'm glad to hear the postive response we have recieved from our video so far. 
The video is a different format of content than I usually post or share but I hope you enjoy it. If you have any thoughts or questions to me, you are more than welcome to comment here on my blog. You can also find me at twitter @LIZELSTROMBERG. If you want to reach out to Jenevia you can do that through the comment section on her YouTube channel or Twitter at LadyJenevia. 
Until next time, ingat!

A 20 minutes event!

The school where my sister goes to had an event a while ago which I decided to check out. Last year, I took some of my best shots during this event but this year I didn't took a lot of pictures. That day, I was working over and had forgot about the event first. My mum reminded me about it, and decided to stop by even if it was only about 20 minutes left of it. Thought it would be fun to see what was going on and see if I would meet someone I know. 
I don't have much to say about the event or my pictures this time, so I will let them talk for themselves. 
It was nice seeing all the happy faces of the kids when they got to see the animals that was there. But I wasn't all happy about the part of the event where the kids could pet pigs and sheeps. Because it was too crazy and there wasn't any proper order for it. The animals got too stressed out. 
That was about it for this time. Hope you are alright and having a great week. 
Until next time, ingat!

TB | AutoLounge event with Panetoz

I've gone back into my archive of photos and realized that I have so many photos that I yet have to share. One of the reasons the past couple of years, why I haven't published a lot of my photos has been technical issues and no equipment to work on. Now, I have better equipment for me to be able to work on my photography. Some people might think it's a bit late to post photographs from my archive but in my opinion the photos have their own charm and it would be a shame not to share. 
To begin my throwbacks from the past couple years, I will share my pictures from an event last year with Panetoz.
To make a long story short, I had met Panetoz during Melfest 2016 when I was doing press and two times after the contest. Earlier that week, I had seen them at Lotta på Liseberg and they told me that they were coming back later that same week. We kept in contact and I they invited me to see their set at a private event in Gothenburg. 
I didn't knew anything about the event except for where I was suppose to go. I was looking forward to meet the guys again and to see their show. 
Back then, I didn't really knew how to use my flash and was still struggling with my old camera which was having some technical issues. I did my best at photographing and made sure that I had enough pictures to be able to have at least some photos to use. 
Photographing Panetoz can be a bit tricky since they are very energetic, they are numerous people and are moving around all the time. But I love photographing them and the challenge that comes with it. The members of Panetoz are very charismatic and makes something different in your photos. 
The kid in the photo above and his siblings were so cute! They were loving the show and couldn't stay still or stop smiling during Panetoz's whole set. It was so much fun to see!
When doing some research to see what kinds of pictures there are of Panetoz, I realized that there are barely none of Conteh. Which I kept in mind when I was photographing because I wanted to try to get some photos of him as well. For those who are not familiar with Conteh, he is the DJ of Panetoz and are like the six member of the band. When Panetoz is out on tour, Conteh is most of the times with them being their DJ but also perfoming in their show.  
It's always a pleasure to see Panetoz perform, no matter how small or big the show is. They spread so much positivity, energy and happiness through their music and personalities that you can't get anything than happy by watching them. 
In their set, they were performing their song "Limbo". What would the perfomance be without an actual limbo dance? I don't think anyone was really prepared for this but it was so much fun seeing! The guys had been a bit unsure about doing it before since the crowd was a bit older but it turned out to be a hit! They made basically everyone dance limbo!
It was very tricky for me to photograph the festivities but Njol (I think) told me to go up on stage to get a better angle. It made me so happy seeing all the happy faces in the crowd and people clapping along. 
After the show, I hang out with the guys for a bit. It was nice getting to talk to them more since the previous times I had met them, we only had time to talk briefly. 
At one point they were being silly and wanted me to take some photos of them. Haha. I still don't understand this thing about Nebeyu doing some kind of deep pose/ watching into the lamp since it seems like a thing appears repeatly. xD
Njol was being all silly as he tend to be. He was making jokes at one point and did some "artistic poses". Haha
I know I've already said this to the guys before but I still want to end this post with saying thank you to Panetoz for having me, it's always a pleasure meeting you and seeing you perform. 
To you reading this, I hope you enjoyed this post despite being a very late upload and brief post.
Until next time, ingat! 

Backstage with De Vet Du

Quite a while ago, De Vet Du performed at Trädgårn in Gothenburg and I was there to photograph them. The reason why it took such a long time for me to publish this post, is because it took me so long time to edit these photos. Also because it has happened a lot since then, I haven't had the time to finish it earlier. Anyway, during Melfest I had already talked with them about their tour and had let them know that I was thinking about attending the show when they came to Gothenburg
It's always a struggle for me to get in to shows whether it's me having access or just tickets, it's always something that comes up. I was a bit worried about getting in the venue because of miscommunications which could have result in me getting kicked out. I made sure to be on set early if any complications appeared. I did had small issues to varify that I was allowed inside, but the guys helped me out and everything went well in the end. 
I was invited backstage and it was nice meeting the guys again. I hung out with them before the set and photographed some candid shots of them since I know they like those kind of photos. 
I didn't know what to really expect from the show or anything. I kinda knew that they would have a couple of friends backstage, but not as many as it was during the night. First it was just Rickard Engfors (who worked with them during Melfest) and I, but through out the night it came more and more people. There was no room for everyone to sit basically. And let me tell you this, I was the only girl there. Not the most comfortable situation, but I managed and they didn't made me feel like I didn't belong there. 
Right before the show, I decided to take a group photo of De Vet Du and Rickard since I knew things would be more hectic afterwards.
De Vet Du prepared the last things for their show while Rickard and I walked outside to get where we was suppose to be. This was my first time shooting at a clubgig and I have to admit, I was very nervous for it. I was really concerned about the lack of lighting inside the venue and the smoke that I knew was coming. I had to use my ISO at a very high number, which I think was at 3200 as the most which I hated. I couldn't do much about it since I wanted to make sure I had a high shutter speed to be able freeze their movements. 
The major issues I had was the lack of lighting and the colours. Since I don't have a lens cap the light hitted right in the lens several times which made lens flares in my pictures. My settings in the picture style that I usually use didn't work in this kind of enviroment which I only realized what to change after half of the show. 
Despite having technical issues, I did managed to capture some of the highlights during their performance. Even if the editing process took a long time, I could fortunate save some of the photos in the editing. 
Beforehand I had made research to see how De Vet Du's show are set up, to get a feeling of what I could expect and to be more prepared of what I could capture. Unfortunately, I didn't found a lot of videos of their shows which is a shame. There were not even a lot of photos, which is really bad. I don't see why not more photographers take photos of them since they are a lot of fun. And if you are going to be one of those photographers that only take photos of people to get you clicks, De Vet Du's fans are dedicated. If I could I would have photographed them at more times before, not for clicks but because you can get funny and good pictures of them. Also because I enjoyed seeing their show.
At one point during the show, Dj-Hunk stops the music and doesn't seems satisfied. In response, Johan says something like: "Oh, Dj-Hunk is not happy because we forgot to introduce him". Dj-Hunk gets intoduced to the audience and he walks from the Dj booth to recieve the audience cheer and flex his muscles in response. 
I think it's a great idea to give Dj-Hunk his own moment, to get him more into the light and give the audience a chance to see him more since he's always in the back, almost invisible. Also, it was great for me since it gave me another opportunity to get photos of Hunk which was something more than just him standing by the Dj booth. 
It was my first time to get to see De Vet Du perform outside of the Melfest bubble. The only time I've seen them before was at a day gig in one of the malls nearby, which honestly doesn't count. I loved seeing the show and to get a feeling how things are when they are out touring. It was nice to get to see what the actual response is from the crowd. I enjoyed getting to hear them perform all those well known songs such as "Fy Fan Va Stek", "Dansa Som Kungen" and "Fucka Ur".
I think there's small things in their show they could work on, to get it even better. Like having something more in between some of the songs, coordinate their movements on stage better so they are not so spread out on stage all the time and maybe have some kind of ending to it? It could be a small thing like just having all the members together at one spot and do some kind of thank you? Overall the show was great and funny. You get to see De Vet Du make jokes with each other, being all silly and you get a feeling of their different personalities. 
After the show, we went backstage a bit to get ready to go out in the club for the guys to meet their fans. We got escourted to a rope off space in the venue beside the bar. The square we had to move in, was super small. It was basically De Vet Du, the guys that were backstage and I in that small area which got even more crowed of people getting in. It got too much at one point and the security had to make the square bigger and bring some fences so people wouldn't get in as easy. It felt like the guys in De Vet Du kept an eye on me to make sure I was okay and didn't got pushed, which I really appreciated. Even some of the guys that were backstage earlier, was keeping an eye on me, helped me and made a way for me to get my photos. 
Despite the pushing it was fun seeing all the fans coming up to De Vet Du to get their photo taken. Some would think that one or two members would get more approached but I think it was equal between them.
When I'm at shows or signings, I'm used to see small fangirls approaching the artists and be fangirling a lot. But this time, I got to see people in my age or even older, fangirling over De Vet Du which was fun to see. A lot of the people tried to act cool and talk like if it wasn't a big deal for them, but as soon as one of the members in De Vet Du turned around to the next person, they would fangirl so hard! xD
It was one fan in particular which had "dressed up" as Dj-Hunk and wanted a picture with Hunk, he acted all cool and Johan even made a Snapchat video of him with Hunk. He didn't made a fuss, but as soon as they have walked away, he fangirled SO HARD. He basically disappeared behind the fence, crouch down and kind of couldn't believed what happened. Haha. It was so funny, loved it!
On the internet, I've seen a lot of people trying to figure out the mystery behind Dj-Hunk and it was so funny to see it in real life as well. I can't even remember how many times people tried to make Dj-Hunk talk to them, make him take off his glasses and just try to make him react. Haha. 
(Unfortunately, I didn't get any good pictures of Dj-Hunk while meeting fans since he was most of the times next to me so it was too close for me to get a decent angle.)
I had a lot of fun attending De Vet Du's show, to meet and to photograph them. I enjoyed seeing the chaos, the love and support they recieve from their fans. It was nice getting to see more of who they are. 
Here's a clip of snippets from the night if you want to see more of it. 
I want to end this post with saying thank you to Johan, Chris, Tor and Dj-Hunk for letting me to come. It was nice meeting you again and I hope you liked the pictures. I'm sure we will see each other soon enough. 
To everyone reading this: until next time, ingat! 

Hanami @ Botaniska Trädgården

Hanami is a ancient tradidion that still lives on today. It might not have the same meaning in the modern settings, but it still excist and gets celebrated. I don't know a lot about the tradition or the Japanesee culture to understand what it is really about. If I've understood what I've got told is that the orgins of Hanami have to do with making offerings to ensure a good haverst. It also has a lot of poetry about the flowers because of how they're symbolic of life.  
Earlier this year, my friend Lina and attended the Hanami celebrations in Gothenburg at "Botaniska Trädgårn". We had never been at this event before but we were looking forward to attend it and photograph the beautiful flowers around the garden. 
First thing that took place that day was the releasing of the koi fishes in the garden's pond. It was a lot more people there to see the release than I expected. It was fun seeing the curiosity in the kids faces. 
We briefly met Carol that day as well, which was very nice. I hadn't met her in a while so it was nice seeing her agian. 
I spotted this older couple while photographing and they were so cute. The older man seemed excited to be there and kept photographing the things he saw around him. 
Unfortunately I wasn't that good at capturing the cherry blossom at all, most my photos turned out very shaky and the focus wasn't where it should have been. Photographing flowers and other herbs is not something I do on a daily basis and something I need to learn to get better at. 
It was nice seeing Lina photographing and doing her thing. I can tell how much more confident she has become in her photography and I'm so proud over her!
If you want to see Lina's photos from the day you can find them on her blog:
After seeing how pretty the background turned out in my photo of Lina, I decided I wanted a photo of myself as well. It's not often that I'm in the photos myself, but I'm trying to become more confident infront of the camera. 
Lina and I decided to check out the greenhouse in Botaniska. As it was a very windy and chilly day, it was very nice going in to the warmth. 
In one part of the garden, you were able to try Japanese tea. I drink a lot of tea, but I had never tasted Japanese tea before. It was very interesting to see the woman making and preparing the tea. It had very interesting flavor and it was much stronger than I thought. It was nice getting to taste it, but it wasn't something for me. 
We ended our day with a Fika. I had a very nice day together with Lina! It was nice hanging out with Lina outside from our work to just photograph, chill and just have a nice day. Lina, if you are reading this: Thank you for being a great friend and for your company!
This was it for this time and I hope you enjoyed this post. 
Until next time, ingat!

TB | Final rehearsals of Melfest 2017

The schedule for the final week is a bit different from the semifinals and as press we only get one day were we get to get our footage of the rehearsals. The day didn't started as early as it used to, which was a relief since we had stayed up late the night before. The press got let in the arena and we hurry inside to get a good seat for me to photograph from. Since I don't have the largest or the best zoom lens, I had to make sure I sat close enough to the stage. 
First act to perform after the press conference that they held right before the rehearsals starts, was Ace Wilder. I basically already knew the performance in and out from semifinal 1, so I knew what to expect and know when to be ready to capture the moments. "Wild Child" was one of my favorite songs and performance in this year's contest and I was happy to be able to see and photograph the perfomance live once again. 
I loved that you could see how much Ace was enjoying evey minute she was on stage. She had said in our interview that she had felt pressure last year when entereing the contest and was putting the most into her performance. This year, she didn't felt the same pressure and she had said that she could enjoy it a lot more than before which I think really showed in her performance. 
Next up was Boris René. I think all of the people that have been following me here and on my social medias know how much I like Boris. He's such a good performer with a charisma that is hard to find in Sweden. If any one of the performance that I've watched the most, is definitley Boris's, which I guess is mostly because we saw him in semifinal 1 and Andra Chansen. 
The amount of pictures I have of Boris from Melfest is ridicioulus many, haha. Despite the fact that I had seen him only the week before, I was happy to see him do his thing on stage once again. This time around, he had another jacket to see if he wanted to change the style a bit. I liked the jacket in Mint but the red one suited him much better. 
Lisa Ajax was next up. I still have a bit hard time to decide what to think about her song and performance of "I Don't Give A". Photographing Lisa performance was not much, I only took a couple of pictures since I knew there was not a lot of variation to it.
I was super excited to see Robin Bengtsson's performance of "I Can't Go On". I love everything about it! I loved watching the peformance and it was nice seeing him doing something different than I've seen him do before. When I first started follow Robin's music career, he was the guy with a guitar in his hand singing acoustic songs (which is a version of him I love as well) but now he looks more comfortable and are actually moving on stage. It's nice seeing him stepping up his game. :)
Joik isn't something Swedes usually listen to, but it seems like a lot of people have a soft spot for Jon Henrik Fjällgren and do actually pay attention to his songs. Jon Henrik was a prefavorite for sure this year, and a lot of people were excited to see him in the contest again. 
It was the first time for the audience to see him perform with someone featuring on his track. I wasn't sure what to expect of "En Värld Av Strider" since there would be someone joining him, I really like the song, even if you don't understand most of what they are singing, you can still feel the emotions they are putting into their performance. It was nice having them in the contest to show something different from what everyone else was doing. 
I liked Jon Henrik and Aninia's chemestry. Despite the fact that it was Aninia's first time entering Melfest, she did a good job. As many people know, Jon Henrik wasn't feeling alright and was going through a tough time as he lost a very close friend not long ago. It was nice to see that Aninia did her best in supporting Jon Henrik and be there for him during the circus of Melfest. 
I loved hearing the song live and made an even bigger impact when you heard it in the arena. 
Another person that returned to the contest was Mariette. She has been a person I've come acrossed now and then, but isn't an artist that I put on play. First time I heard "A Million Years", I was pleasent suprised over how good it was. In my opinion, "A Million Years" is a much better song than her last entry "Don't Stop Believing". 
The bungjy ropes that Mariette had in her performance of "A million Years" was definitley something that stood out. I think it was cool and I'm impressed of the dancers doing the choregraphy. It takes a lot of balance, focus and strenght to jump around and doing their thing. 
Next up, was Fo&O. I still have a soft spot for them and I respect them for having a lot hands on everything they do in their work. The lyrics of "Gotta Thing About You" is still stuck in my head and I can't help it to sing along to it whenever I hear someone play it. 
The lighting in FO&O's performance is one of the best ones in this year's Melfest, at least when it comes to me photographing it. It's very easy photographing the boys and it's fun seeing them do what they do. 
The blackhorse of this year's competition was definitely Nano. I don't think anyone expected someone as new as him to become the big favorite of everyone, specially when there were a lot of returning acts. Personally, I do like "Hold On" to be able to listen to it, but it's not a song that I would put on my playlist. 
It's not that a lot of things happening in Nano's performance, it's mostly the lighting that changes. I tried to capture something else than I did the first semifinal. I managed to capture the change in the lighting. And one of the best things in the performance is the choir that Nano has, I really like hearing them live, it had such impact to it. 
Another big favorite this year was Wiktoria. She debuted last year in Melfest and gained a big following. She was a prefavorite this year and I think she felt the pressure to come back right away with such a success. I was happy to see that she had something else to her performance this year and that she actually moved around on stage and did a little choregraphy of some kind. 
"As I Lay Me Down" is a very catchy tune and it's easy to follow along. I would lie if I didn't told you that I know most of the lyrics. I kind of like it, but at the same time I don't. I'm sorry to say, but it's something about Wiktoria's voice that makes me not wanting to pay that much attention to it. I guess it's just that you can have your own liking when it comes to vocals. 
Benjamin Ingrosso was one of the debuting artist this year. I have to admit, I wasn't sure what to think about him before he did his performance in his semifinal. I had heard his previous singles but it wasn't something for me. 
Once it was time for him to do his performance back in his semifinal, I was pleasant surprised over how good it was. "Good Loving" is such a great tune and you get that feel good vibe from listening to it. I think Benjamin did a great job doing his performance and he showed a lot of charisma on stage. 
I was looking forward to see Benjamin's performance live and feel the vibe in the arena. 
Last but not least, Owe ended the rehearsals with his performance of "Boogieman Blues". People's opinions of Owe is very split. I think it's one of those things were you either like it or hate it. I think it was great to see Owe and the love he got. It was fun to see that he got to do his thing and to actually qualify to the finals. To prove that Melfest is not only for the younger people. 
Owe's performance had it's own charm. It was fun to watch and Owe really put in everything in his performance. A funny thing that happened during the rehearsals was that the press had been told that Owe was going to take it easy, and not do his performance full out because he was tired and it was very late at night. I think it was about 9-10pm when he did his rehearsals.
Anyway, we were told he would hold back but once they said that and he started to do his last round, he did the opposite. He put everything to it in his performance and more, it was so fun! I think he said after the round through that he wanted to do his best since the press was there and nothing would hold him back to do what he came to do. Haha. Kudos to him!
After Owe's round through, that was it for the rehearsals of Melfest 2017. It had been a very long day of me photographing all of the rehearsals while editing photos in between. I think we left the arena around 10pm. It was fun being in the arena to take photos of the performances though. During the rehearsals is when I get to do what I do best and I love it.
Jenevia had been sitting by my side during the whole time editing the interviews we had got the previous day.  I have to say, getting back to the hotel that day was lovely. We continue to edit our footage a bit when we got back to the hotel, but I called it a night and got some well needed sleep. I doubt that people understand how much Jenevia and I work during Melfest, we basically barely get some sleep at all. 
Anyway, that was it for this post, hope you enjoyed seeing my photos and reading some Melfest stories even if it wasn't that much to say. 
Until next time, ingat!

West Pride | Gothenburg

Every Pride week in Gothenburg, for a couple of years I've always missed out on the opportunity to attend West Pride. It's always something that comes up during that week, such as family matters, work, events or something else which had made me not been avalible that day. 
This year, was my first time to attend West Pride to photograph the festivity and I'm so happy that I was able to go. Carol joined me to attend the event and we had a blast! First thing that happened that day was the West Pride Parade. 
I didn't knew what to expect from the Parade. The only Pride parade I've experienced before was the one in London, which is much bigger than the ones in Sweden. Luckily, it was very nice weather during the most of the day. The only problem we had as photographers was that the light from the sun, which was very harsh. Harsh light is not the perfect light to photograph in. 
We tried to see where on the route in town which would be the best spot for us to photograph at. It was hard to pick which spot since there was no shadow and the sun was shining right on the people walking the parade. We managed to get a decent spot for us to take photos. 
It was so much fun seeing all the people that was there to see the parade and support the LGTB community in different ways. No matter what colour, sexual orientation, gender, age, religion, economics, everyone deserves equal rights.  
When we first decided to attend West Pride, I had in mind that we only would take photographs of the parade since we have so much content already and need to not get too much content that only gets forgotten on the hard drive. But we didn't felt satisfied with the photos we had got of the parade so we decided to go to the event village to take part of the festivities there. 
There were different sponsors, help organizations and other brands that were there to inform of different important LGBTQ topics. There were also tents where you could make buttons, bracelets and other things in the rainbows colours. 
The main stage of the event where nearby as well and as we were walking around photographing there were different artists performing that evening. I wasn't thinking about photographing any concert photos but I couldn't help myself. I mean, I was on set so why not?
One of the performing acts were Oscar Zia. I have seen Oscar perform numerous times and this time I didn't do much effort in taking photos of him. It was tricky to shoot since there were so much smoke and I couldn't really get a good angle to get photos, so I just skipped it and only took some shots of him. 
I was not aware of who was going to perform but suddenly a guy entered the stage with lots of energy and charisma. You could tell that he was not a Swede through that. His name was Johnathan Celestine and he got our attention. I had never heard of Johnathan before but I was liking what I heard from stage and I had to capture his performance. 
The vibe on stage changed a lot compared to the other artists that were performing which was a positive thing. 
Johnathan came down to greet the people who was there to support him. I took the opportunity to say hi and let him know how much I liked his performance and his energy on stage. I didn't had in mind to take selfies with him since there was so much people everywhere. But as nice as Johnathan was, he asked me if I wanted a picture and I felt rude to say no so here's a picture of us with my phone. :P 
After Johnathan's performance, Carol and I decided to stick around to photograph a bit more around the audience and to capture the festivities. 
I had so much fun photographing West Pride and I loved seeing all the fun and happy people everywhere. I'm definitely going to try to attend the event next year. It seems like next year, Europride will be hosted in Sweden which I'm very curious to see how big the festivity will be. 
Big thank you to Carol for joining me to go to this event. It's always much more fun when you are with me!
I have more posts on it's way of other event's so stay tuned for more updates.
Until next time, ingat!

Meeting Carol & Viktor Frisk @ Frölunda Torg

Meeting two people that I haven't met in a long time was so much fun! 
The plan for the day was to purchase a new camera bag in the photostore in Mölndal. Since I was nearby Frölunda I thought I could pay Carol a visit since it had been a while since we last met. Only a day or two before I was heading into town, I got to know that Viktor Frisk was going to have a signing in Frölunda Torg for his new book that got released in April.
The timing for everything was great, three birds with one stone!
Carol and I talk a lot on messages and call one another on the phone once in a while, but it was nice catching up with Carol in person. It's always a lot of fun with Carol, we always come up with things to talk about, things to photograph and just hang out. And of course we had to go for a fika and get some Boba to drink.
I don't think there's a time that Carol and I have met where we haven't photographed something. xD
After have been hanging out with Carol for a while, we decided to pop-in to Viktor's signing. 
To be honest, I didn't knew what to expect of the the signing at all. People are more used to see Samir & Viktor, being energetic and performing their fun songs. This time around there was no Samir around, it was only a signing with Viktor. 
Viktor's book is named "Min superkraft: så har jag lärt mig älska min struliga ADHD" (which means "My superpower: this is how I've learn to love my bothersome ADHD"). Which is about his experiences with his ADHD and how he suceed to turn the diagnos to his personal super power. 
The first thing that happened after taking a couple of pictures of the signing was that the security told me not to photograph the event, which made me very confused and shocked. Most because that he told that someone had said to him that people were not allowed to take pictures?
I was not happy about what I heard so I decided to ask the person working with Viktor about the rule to not take photos. She said that it had been a misunderstanding, that the rule was that fans were not allowed to get a video message for a friend since the limited of time Viktor had. She said I was more than happy to take photos, it was only a good thing for promotion and to have actual photos of his signing. 
The woman working with Viktor, her name was Sara and it was lovely to see how proud she was over Viktor. You could see her smiling and laughing when he interacted with his fans. She genuinely was happy for him which I was glad to see. x
It made me so happy to see all the people that came to see Viktor. Everyone was very excited to getting their photos taken with him, and the smallest kids were adorable! A lot of the kids were very shy to be meeting Viktor but he handle the situation very good.
I've been at many signings by now, I have seen many different artists and how they are like during them. The signings usually are very quick, the fans get their autograph, merch and sometimes a picture. Usually it's basically all the same, but during this signing it was a bit different. Viktor made everyone's moment with him something special. He was so sweet to everyone and really made everyone's moments with him something of their own. He made conversations, gave people compliments and even if the kids were shy, he made them lose up a bit, talked to them and try to get them to smile. 
I waited to approach him since I wanted the fans to get to meet him first and to not feel that I'm rushed when there's people in line after me. Once I came up to Viktor, it was all good.
(Backstory: Most of the times I've met Viktor has been with Jenevia, so I've most of the times talked to him in English.) He made sure I was the one that knew Swedish since he was a bit worried that he had to talk in English, since he was not prepare for that. I made sure to tell him that he has nothing to worry about and that his english is good. 
It was very nice to get the chance to talk more with Viktor when things are more calm and not having loads of people around us wanting his attention. We had a very nice chat talking about various things such as Melfest, his book, Samir & Viktor's latest single "Kung".
Meeting artists during Melfest together with Jenevia is one thing, but meeting them afterwards is different since I need to be talking more and make me visible for people to see me. It was great meeting Viktor again, to get a better view on things and feel that I've made a good impact for him to remember. I think it's a great thing that Viktor does, writing his book about his experiences in life with ADHD and to show people it's okay to have ADHD. To give tips and just talk openly about it. 
- I haven't had the time to read the whole book yet, but the things I've read so far has been very good. I recommend you to read it!
Hope to be able to see one of Samir & Viktor's shows during the summer, it's always such fun seeing them on stage doing their things and it's a pleasure meeting them, they are such sweethearts
Thank you Carol & Viktor for everything that day, it was great of fun to be meeting you again! x
To everyone else, thank you for tuning in and for being patient while waiting for new posts. More updates to come!
/Until next time, ingat!

7 out of 12 acts for one-on-one interviews!

The good thing about our interviews from Melfest is that you can watch them afterwards and still get something out of them that isn't related to the contest itself. The way we did our interview was to get more deep to talk more about them as artists, their back catalogue, the future and to just cover a lot of ground. Simply just have a nice chat with everyone 
During the finale week of Melodifestivalen 2017, we managed to get 7 of the 12 acts for one-on-one interviews. All of those interviews took place Wednesday, which was the first day of our week in Stockholm. I arrived in Stockholm the same morning as the interviews and we were on a go as soon as I arrived!
First off, we have Ace Wilder! It's always interesting to hear what Ace has to say and to get her input on the artistry. It's fun that Jenevia always seems to have something more instore for them to talk about even if we have multiply interviews with Ace for just the past year. Make sure to watch the interview above to hear Ace talk about her EP "The Wild Card", culture and react to Ukrainan music videos.
Second interview is with the one and only Boris René. I've said it before, but I will say it again, I love his energy! It's always fun around him, he has such a positive vibe that is hard to miss. I'm happy that we got to do our interviews with Boris through out the contest to show people more of who Boris is. To get to know him more since there's not many interviews where the journalists gets more deep into who he is as an artists, what he has to say about music and even the most basic stuff about how he started in music.
Make sure to check out the interview above to hear Boris talk about the Swedish industry, what's next for him after Melfest and more! 
My mum has been nagging me during the whole Melfest season for not having photos with almost any of the artists and since we had a couple minutes to spare, I decied to get my photo with Boris. 
So, mum if you reading this, look here I am with Boris René! xD
I wasn't in the semifinal where Mariette competed in, so it was nice meeting her and get to hear her talk about her creativity, how she begin in music, that she had her own record label, the swedish industry and lots of more!
We reunited with Nano for another interview. When we first met him, we didn't know what to expect of him as a person and as an artist. This time we were more familiar who Nano is and he kinda knew what to expect from our interview. The first time we had an interview with Nano, he was new to many people and not used to the whole media circus. This time around, it felt like Nano were more relaxed and used to the media, which was nice to see. 
Watch our interview to hear Nano talk about his song "Hold On", what he has been doing during his time off before the finals and what's next. 
For those that has been following my content know that I've been following Robin Bengtsson for a while. I was happy to hear that Robin came back to this year's season of Melfest with a great song and performance that made him qualify. I was not doing press at the semifinal Robin was in this year, so I was happy to meet him again. 
Not many people know but Robin is quite a sassy person. It's fun to see that Jenevia brings that out of him and that he gets to show more of his personality than maybe he would do in other interviews. 
- Make sure to hear Robin talk updates about his upcoming EP, being himself and more! 
One of the returning acts from last year was Wiktoria which quickly became the big favorite this year. We met her last year but this time she felt more relaxed in a way.
Hear Wiktoria compare how the experience of Melfest felt like last year compared to this year, her various songs, her experience with Spanish fans and more in our interview above!
We couldn't get an interview booked with Benjamin Ingrosso but we could get a hold on him during the welcome party in Stockholm, he was happy to talk with us. I hadn't met Benjamin before but I had heard a lot about him from Jenevia when she met him during the second semi-final. After what I've seen and heard about him, he seemed like a very fun and nice person. Once we met him and did our interview, I got confirmed that. 
Hear Benjamin talk about his love for Italian food, his music video for "Good Lovin", songwriting and more!
The video also includes funny moments of Benjamin talking in Italian, making jokes and Robin Bengtsson interupting our interview. 

One of the new comers that quickly became a favorite for many is Benjamin Ingrosso!

Ett inlägg delat av Lizel Strömberg (@lizelstromberg) Mar 9, 2017 kl. 5:59 PST

It was funny, right before Robin interupted our interview I saw him walking towards us, he gave me this look and I knew something was coming and just nodded at him and gave him a smile. xD
- I didn't had a lot of photos from these interviews because of limted time but I hope you enjoyed the photos I included and reading the stories behind the interviews. 
Until next time, ingat! 

My Top 7 | ESC 2017

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is just around the corner. The contestans have already arrived to start off their two weeks of Eurovision in Kiev. First semifinal will be on Tuesday, 9th of May. Second semifinal is on the 11th of May and the Grand Finale will be on Saturday the 13th of May. Robin Bengtsson the one representing Sweden will be the act opening the whole competition.
As I've done previous years, I will be doing a list of my top favorite songs in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Making this list was very hard this year since I had a hard time to pick my favorites. There were many of decent songs and some better than others. For example, some of the songs that I enjoyed listen to, which is not on my Top 7 list are "Hey Mamma" (Moldova), "Grab The Moment" (Norway), "Dance Alone" (F.Y.R. Macedonia), "Historyja Majho Zyccia" (Belarus), and "Don't Come Easy" (Australia).
In this year contest there are a lot of ballads and many of the songs are not catching my attention enough to put it on playlist. 
Photo: Thomas Hanses found at
I will do my Top 7 of ESC 2017. I don't do a lot of research when it comes to Eurovision and actually don't pay attention overall of the contest and everything around it. It's just a lot of things going on and it's too much for me to get into since I don't have time and are not that interested in it. I only listen through the songs and if there are an artist/song I really like I might look more into the artists and their back cataloge. As I do not have enough knowledge about music, the songs and the artists themselves my list will only be very brief summary of the act and some of my thoughts about the songs. 
I will start off with my number 7, which is Timebelle from Switzerland with her song "Apollo". The band Timebelle is a trio containing Miruna Manescu which is the leadsinger, Emanuel Daniel Andriescu that plays the piano and Samuel Forster which is the drummer. I'm very picky when it comes to singers that has a high voice but I really like Miruna's voice. I like "Apollo" and the beat in it. The song builds up from the beginning to the end.
#6. Manel Navarro which is representing Spain with the song "Do It For Your Lover". Manel is a singer and composer that first got discovered for his covers on YouTube. I really enjoy "Do It For Your Lover". I'm such a sucker for the Spanish language. I was hooked already after the first chorous. I love the acoustic vibe in the song and the good feeling in it. There's a mix of Spanish and English in the song but I don't mind it at all. I think in that way it reach out to more people. Other than that, Manel's voice is very cozy to listen to. 
#5. Joci Pápai is representing Hungary with the song "Origo". The song really stands out from the lineup. Joci Pápai is from a musically family, he could have become a professional sportsman but decided to persue his dream in music instead. "Origo" is a blend of modern pop, cultural sounds and it also contain a rap break. It's very contemporary. Despite the fact that I don't understand the lyrics, I love the song and the sound of it. It seems like Joci is the first Romani to represent Hungary in ESC, I'm glad he got to be in this year! 
#4. Austria's represant is Nathan Trent with the song "Running On Air". Nathan is a singer/songwriter that genres in pop and RnB. The song is written by Nathan himself and Bernhard Penzias. "Running On Air" has a more acoustic vibe to it. It's more of a folksy pop and has this positive melody. I guess this is just that kind of music I prefer to listen to. Nathan's voice has this genuine sound and you wouldn't mind sitting by a bonfire hearing him sing this song. 
#3. Israel is getting represented by IMRI with the song "I Feel Alive". IMRI has been in ESC two times before as a backing singer but this time he's back as an artist. "I Feel Alive" is a dance pop song and it's a bop! There's some Middle Eastern instrumentation in the production which I think prevent the song to sound too much alike what's new on the radio. Personally I enjoy this a lot and it's one of the few songs I have on my playlist from this year contest. It's uptempo, it makes you want to dance and you get happy to hear it. 
#2. Hovig will be representing Cyprus in ESC 2017 with the song "Gravity". Hovig is a singer/songwriter of Armenian orgin. He has been in the national selection to represent his country in ESC two times before and both times reached to the finals. I had some difficulties to decided which ones of "Gravity" or "I Feel Alive" I would have as my number 3 and 2. After listening to the songs more I had to put "Gravity" as my number two because it's more of the style in music I like. I absolutely love the beat and the hook in it! It's a bit dramatic and the production of the song is very good. I like Hovig's voice which is a bit rocky and edgy. Everything with this song is amazing and I'm really looking forward to see how the performance of this song will look like!
#1. In the beginning when I was planning this post, I had in mind that I wouldn't have Sweden in my list to find something else I liked and show some appreciation towards. But when I listen through the songs in ESC I had such a hard time to pick my favorites and didn't found a song that were as good as my real top 3, so I ended up having Sweden in the list anyway.
Robin Bengtsson is representing Sweden with the song "I Can't Go On". The song is very catchy, the production of it it's very contempary and it has it's hook. When you hear the song, you can't keep yourself not croon, sing or do some headmovement to it. It's easy to follow along and you get pumped up. Other than that Robin's vocals are on point. I know I've been following Robin's career for a while and have some kind of bond with him but to look away from that, I do think this is the best song in ESC this year. We already know how the performance will be like and from that, we know he will deliver something eyecatching. It's not like I need him to win the contest, since I'm already super happy that he won Melfest and get to represent Sweden in ESC. That's already a big win!
- I'm looking forward to see how well he will do and see the response he will get after his first performance in ESC. 
That was about it for my Top 7 of Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Hope you liked this kind of post. For those who doesn't pay attention to Eurovision Song Contest as much I hope you found something new to put on your playlist. If so, which ones of these songs did you liked?
If you are a ESC fan and have heard all the songs, which ones are your favorite? Please let me in the comments below or through my social medias, I'm curious to know! 
I will be tweeting a bit during the live broadcast of Eurovision Song Contest so if you want to read my thoughts about the show, follow me at: @LIZELSTROMBERG.
Until next time, ingat!

Celebrating my 22th birthday!

First of all, thank you for all the birthday wishes and the love I've recieved the past two days!
I really appreciate it! 
I don't have a lot to tell about my birthday. I didn't wanted a big celebration of some kind or to go out partying. I simply just wanted to get together and hang out with some friends. I celebrated my birthday at home with a calm dinner with some of my closest friends, which was very lovely. I treasure those moments when you get to hang out with friends without feeling stressed out or having the need to think about what to do the next day. 
Guess what, my mum surprised me with this cake of a pair of boobs. xD
To be honest, I knew something was up. She accidentally told me that she was going to get a cake and had this sneaky sound to her voice when she tried to play it off. Haha. 
Either way, it was funny! I finally got myself a pair of boobs. haha
Here's some of my closest friends that I've known since junior high or high school. A lot of people lose their friends from their time in school or at least don't have the close connection that they had back then. But I'm lucky to still have more than a handful of friends from school that I still have a very close bond to. I'm so happy that we still keep in touch despite that we are busy with doing our own thing in life. 
Thank you to my friends that came and celebrated my birthday and a big thank you to my family for preparing my birthday dinner! 

The artists in the final of Melfest 2017!

The amount of footage I have from Melfest is A LOT and it's ridiculous how much that I haven't posted yet. 
Hopefully you are not tired to see my photographs from the contest and to read my stories from it. As from this post, I will be starting to post the very last photos from this year's coverage since I've reached to the coverage of the final in Stockholm. 
As the previous shows, the week basically starts off with an artists press conference. Here are the acts that made it to the final of Melfest 2017:
Ace Wilder - "Wild Child"
Boris René - "Her Kiss"
Lisa Ajax - "Don't Give A"
Robin Bengtsson - "I Can't Go On"
Jon Henrik Fjällgren ft Aninia - "En Värld Full Av Strider (Eatneme gusnie jeenh dåaroeh)"
Anton Hagman - "Kiss You Goodbye"
Mariette - "A Million Years"
FO&O - "Gotta Thing About You"
Nano - "Hold On"
Wiktoria - "As I Lay Me Down"
Benjamin Ingrosso - "Good Lovin"
Owe Thörnqvist - "Boogieman Blues"
For those who have been following my social medias have probably seen these photos from before, but I wanted to share this post with some stories, few new photos and the interviews we got during the press conference. 

At this press conference in Stockholm it was a lot more international outlets there to do coverage of the contest, which I think it's very fun. It's nice to see that there's an interest of the contest outside of Sweden and the fact that international outlets actually go to Sweden so there's more interviews for the non-Swedish speaking fans.
Overall doing press coverage during the final week of Melfest is much more hectic than the semifinals since there's a lot more media covering the final. Due to the fact that there's 12 acts in the final there's also a lot of more people to interview. This year, we were a lot more prepared and knew how to work during the limited of time we had and how people think when they are planning to get their coverage. 
- The act we prioritized to get during the final was Jon Henrik Fjällgren and Aninia because we hadn't talked with them before and due to the fact that Jon Henrik wasn't feeling alright and needed to rest, we couldn't get an one-on-one with him. 
Make sure to watch our interviews in the clip above!
There wasn't enough time for me to walk around to get some photos during this press conference so that's why there's not a lot of them in this post. But I did manage to grab some quick photos of Ace and Boris. It's always nice to see them!
Who of these acts were your favorites? Please let me know, I'm curious to know what you think. 
Until next time, ingat!

The vibe inside the arena in Linköping!

It's always so much fun going to the rehearsals of Melodifestivalen and to feel the vibe inside the arena when the audience get to see the performances live. It's always a special feeling to see a performance live, you get to experience it in another way together with other people fan of the music.
Heading into the arena, I got surprised over how small the arena actually was. For my sake, that was a good thing because that meant it would be easier for me to take pictures of the dress rehearsal. During the dress rehearsals are actually the only opportunites we get to photograph the hosts. 
I have to admit, those faces that De Vet Du is making in the car in their performance are creeping me out a bit. x')
I didn't take a lot of photos during the rehearsals since I knew I already had a lot of footage from the rehearsals the day before. I focused more to tweet during the rehearsals and just take some photos of the hosts and the interval acts. 

I really liked the interval act in Andra Chansen with Dani M and Linda Pira. It's nice that Melfest open doors to other kinds of music than are usually shown in the show. It lets more people being able to get the exposure and show there's much more music out there. 
Another person that was one of the interval acts was Daniel Norberg together with his brother Emil Norberg. Daniel competed in Swedish Idol back in 2010 but these days he's most known from YouTube for his parodies of various subjects. Daniel and Emil has done parodies of Melodifestivalen's songs since 2013 and the interest for these videos have grown ever since! 
I've actually followed Daniel's journey since he was in Idol and seen him perform numerous times and watched him grow as an artist and change direction. I really like Daniel's and his brother Emil's work and once I got to know that they were going to be the interval act, I got so excited! It was interesting to see how they would do the performance since a lot of their work includes visuals and art that gets done in the editing but this time it was going to be shown on stage. I really like what they came up with this year and I'm so happy for them that they get to do it on the actual Melfest stage this year! 
Watch Daniel's performance in the clip above! 
When you are at it, you should watch the parodies they made of the contestans in Andra Chansen on their YouTube channel which you can watch in the clip below. My favorite of all the acts must be the on of Axel's songs which in their video is called: "Det Slinker Ner" by Axel Kylskåp. :P
After the dress rehearsal it was time for a press conference with the artists. At that time we had already got interview most of the artists so we were not in a hurry in any way. We decided that we wanted to make sure to get another chat with Loreen since we knew there were a lot of fans wanting to hear from her. But also De Vet Du since it's always such fun talking with them. 
Once we were finished with the two interviews we decided we didn't need more since we still had the one-on-one interviews to post, so I took the opportunity to walk around record some footage and take some headshots of the artists. It's fun that people recognize me and are happy to pose for me to take pictures. 
It's interesting to see how a lot of the people treat me differently when I'm approaching them than some of the other media, in positive way. Some people seems to be surprised over how polite and genuine I am which is interesting since that in my mind is something you always should be. 
This is the last blog post about Andra Chansen due to the fact that I applied for press to Andra Chansen later on, I didn't had a press pass for Saturday, the day for the broadcast. I'm glad that I decided to go to Linköping since I bonded with people, created contacts and got a lot of good content made which I never would have if I didn't make the decision to go. Some times you just have to take the opportunity when it's there and do most out of it. 

Until next time, ingat! 

Happy Easter | 2017

Happy Easter Everyone!
Hope you had a great holiday and that you could enjoy your time off. Easter was very calm for us and we invited my uncle, his wife and my aunt for dinner at our place. I've been sick the past week so I was glad that we didn't had a bigger celebration than that. 
One of the best things about celebrations are probably the food! Pancit which is a dish of noodles, that I love and is kind of something you gotta have on every kind of celebration according to the filipino culture. 
The amount of dessert was so many! First off we had Fruitsalad.
We had cake, casava cake and buns as well for dessert. The food was so good and everyone was so full at the end of the dinner.
It's fun to have some quality time with my family and relatives to just catch up and have some laughters. I appreciate it and I think it's important to have those moments where you just spend some time with your closed ones. 
I hope you had a very pleasant easter and that you got to treat yourself with food, had some quality time with family/friends or just have a moment of free time to do nothing. 
Until next time, ingat!

TB | Celebrating Easter in The Philippines

How people celebrate Easter in different countries can vary depending on the religion, culture and society. In Sweden, the bigger Chrisitan holidays are celebrated but the reason behind them is often forgotten in the festivity or not that important anymore, (in this context Easter).
When my family and I celebrate Easter we usually just get together with family and friends to eat dinner and spend some quality time with each other. Some Swedes might do an "Egg hunt" where the children get to search for easter eggs containing candy for them to get, which the "Easter bunny" has left for them. I haven't experience that tradition myself but that's what I've heard anyway. We paint eggs, decorate our places colourful but with most yellow and give away easters egg containg different kinds of candy. 
When I was in The Philippines last time, back in 2015, I got to experience a tiny bit of how Easter can be celebrated there. 
In the Philippines, Christianity is a very big thing and the religion is very important for many Filipinos. The people in Philippines celebrate Easter for a week and they call it "Holy Week". 
These photos are taken in the province where my mum is from and where many of my relatives lives. During Friday night of Holyweek, there was a procession taken place where the people walk from one side of the village from one of the church, through the village, into town and back again with their carriges of Jesus or Maria. I don't know a lot of how the traditions are like because they can separate of where you are from in The Philippines. I do not either have a full understanding of their religion and their beliefs. But according what I got told was that it's a Catholic tradition and the procession is the walk when the people get to know that Jesus died to join Maria in her grief. It was interesting to see the procession and it was something I've never seen before. I admire the creative work they had put into to make their carriges as good as possible and to make sure they light the way. 
It's interesting and fun to see other aspects of an holiday we both celebrate but in differents ways, in that way I get to learn more about other cultures. I've been in The Philippines numerous times, but I would love to go back soon to learn more about the culture and exeperince it through new eyes. Next time I will head back, I will make sure to experience new things and try to capture the beauty of The Phillines, the people and the culture. 
To end this post I would like to say Happy Easter to everyone whether you celebrate it or not. Enjoy your holiday, treat yourself and if you are meeting friends or family make sure to spend the quality time you have with each other properly without looking to much on your phones. 
Until next time, ingat!
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