Lizel Strömberg

2017 - A Year to Remember
2017, is truly a year to remember! I've experiened a lot of different things this past year both negative and positive things. It's been a year where I have really been able to work and grow as a person. I have learned more about being an adult and what kind of person I want to become. This past year, I have gained a level of confident which I never thought I would have, if you would ask me for two or three years ago. 
I've been working tremendous a lot this past year, with my photography and my ordinary job. Working hard is something I've always done and some times I forget that my body and mind needs to rest. Not taking the time to rest isn't good and this year I've experienced the consequenses from it. 
Last year, I wrote down my new year's resolutions in hope for some change: "2017'S NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS!". When I look back on what wrote, I've realized that I managed to fulfill my goals in a broad sense. I mean, if you go back to read the list I have proof that I've started to create videos as I recently posted my first video on my YouTube channel. I've also learned a lot of more Tagalog as I've started to listen to music with Tagalog lyrics, watched a lot of Filipino YouTube channels and other kinds of content to practice my ear for the language. 
My fourth point was to get stronger, which I have, at least becoming a stronger person. My mental health has been going up and down this past year but I've never been as confident that I am today. With all of what I've experienced throughout the year through my jobs, the feelings I've felt and the people I've met, I have realized how unique I am. I have many flaws, but I'm starting to realize my worth and the voice I have. 
Thanks to my passion for photography I've experience things that I never thought I would, at least not this soon. I've met some wonderful people and gained memories for life. Throughout the year, I've been able to create content that makes me happy and been able to take it to the next level. 
I'm very grateful for everything that I've experienced 2017. It truly has been an interesting year with a lot of up and downs but many laughters as well. The pictures in this post represent some of the moments or people that made my year a little more eventful and left a special impact for me to remember. 
Until next time, ingat!
Christmas 2017
New year, but the same tradition. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you are having a nice holiday!
The past couple of years, we have celebrated Christmas at home with only one or two guests. This year, we got invited to my uncle and his wife. Last time we celebrated Christmas at their place was when I was a kid and I have a lot of nice memories from being there. It was a small gathering and it was fun to celebrate Christmas there once again. I didn’t photographed our celebration since I won't be able to edit the photos and post them in a timely manner. 
Instead, I will be sharing some photos from our early Christmas celebration a week ago. My mum invited some of our relatives and friends to the family. We haven't had a Christmas party for many years and it was nice that my mum got to have some of her friends over again. 
The photograph above is of my amazing aunt Hilda. She's one of the funniest people I know and I adore her. There's not a single moment with her that isn't fun. Her energy and laugh are so contagious. You just got to love her!
It doesn't matter what the tradition or occasion of celebration, there's no tradition or celebration without Pancit. I don't mind it because that's one of my favorite dishes. 
Ris A La Malta is my all time favorite dessert and it's not a proper Christmas without it! 
I don't have much more to say about our christmas party, so I will end this post with saying Merry Christmas! Don't forget that the Holiday isn't about the presents. Take the time to cherish the ones you love, treat yourself good, rest and do something that makes you happy. 
Until next time, ingat!

Welcome to my new YouTube channel!
I have an announcement to make!
For a while now, I’ve been thinking about how I want to evolve my creative work. I've realized that my photography doesn't always tell the stories I want to tell, the experiences I get and the people I meet. The past two years, I’ve started to watch more content on YouTube which have made me explored new kinds of creative work. I've come to realize that videography can be a tool for me to express myself in a new way. Cinematography is something that I've always been interested in and admire. Storytelling is close to heart and is something that I want to do more in the future.
With this new channel, I want to reach out to a new audience, learn something new and push myself into new challenges. Bear with me and please be nice! It's my very first video and I've been very nervous about creating videos and to show another side of me. I haven't done a lot videos before and it's completely new to me. I'm excited and nervous for this new kind of content that I will be making but I'm looking forward to see how it will evolve and where it will take me. 
You can find my introduction to my YouTube channel in the video down below. 👇🏽
Hope you will enjoy my new type of content and stick around to follow my journey. 
Until next time, ingat!