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TBT | Interviews with Ace Wilder, Anderz Wrethov and Wiktoria
Hey everyone!
I'm still busy with my final exams but I found this blog post in my saved drafts from the time Melodifestivalen just finished. Since I don't have any new recent pictures finished to publish I will do a throwback thursday.

A couple of months have passed since the finale week of Melodifestivalen. Hope you are not sick of seeing pictures from that time, because I still have loads of photos to share with you from that week. It might be late to publish them now, but I don't mind. Also I can assure you that most of them are a bit different from what the other press have posted anyway. 
If you have read my earlier blog post about the preparations for the finale week of Melodifestivalen, we had only three one-on-one interviews booked beforehand. One of the artists we already wanted to talk to back in semi final 1 was Ace Wilder. We didn't got any responses from her publicist back then or for the finale week, so we couldn't set some thing up. But as hard working and awesome as Jenevia is, she talked to Ace and her manager in Stockholm and we ended up having a great one-on-one interview with Ace Wilder backstage. 
In our interview you get to hear Ace talk about her background as a dancer, her visual artistry in her performances and music but also hear her talk about diversity and her new fashion blog. 
One of the three one-on-one interviews we had booked was with Wiktoria. Wiktoria is one of the newcomer in this year's competition. She was in a former duo with her friend Hanna which was called "Dash 4". Wiktoria has also been competing in "Lilla Melodifestivalen" back in 2011, and came 4th. 
Hear Wiktoria talk about her song "Save me", her staging, Anton Ewald's contribute in her performance and much more!
During the first day in Stockholm, we met Anderz Wrethov which is a composer and a songwriter. He has co-written three songs in this year's Melodifestivalen: Samir & Viktor's "Bada Nakna", David Lindgren's "We Are Your Tomorrow" and SaRaha's "Kizunguzungo". 
In our interview you can hear Anderz talk about his colabrations and the inspirations to writing the songs, but also how it was to work with Samir & Viktor. Jenevia also brought up another song "Cool Me Down" in the interview that he co-wrote for Margaret which she competed with in the national selection to represent Poland in Eurovision Song Contest 2016, but unfortunetly she didn't win. 
"Cool Me Down" is a song that I highly recommend you to listen to!
Thank You to all of those that keeps checking out my blog despite that my updates is not on a regular basis. I'm almost finished with school and I have a lot of new plans for the summer that includes this blog and I hope you will stick around to see it. Until next time, ingat!
Hello everyone!
As some of you know, I visited Stockholm last week to attend the festivity during Eurovision Song Contest 2016 together with Jenevia. We had a busy week with seeing the semi-finals live in Ericson Globe, attending events such as Euro After party where we met Samir & Viktor, Wiwibloggs event #WiwiJam and so much more!
I can see that people are lurking here and I'm very sorry to those that are wating to see what I've been up to lately. I'm currently doing the last efforts in school and almost all of my final exams are done. As soon I'm able to, I will be updating my blog more regulary with new current updates but also throwbacks from the past months of several events that have taken place. 
The pictures I've attached in this blog post are mobile pictures that I took during the week of ESC. It will be kind of be sneek peaks before the real photographs will get published. Make sure to follow my Instagram as well, I will try start uploading photographs there more regular and other than the ones I publish here. 
I have loads of pictures to share and I have plans to grow my brand even bigger, so I hope you will stick around to see what's coming! 
 Until next time, ingat! (Take Care)
My Top 7 in Eurovision Song Contest 2016!
Eurovision Song Contest 2016 is just around the corner. Last year, Måns Zelmerlöw represented Sweden and won the contest with his song "Heroes". So this year, the competition is held in Stockholm here in Sweden. There are 44 countries competing this year and the hosts are Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede. Edward af Silén is back writing some of the manusscript of the show and I'm really looking forward to see what he and the others have come up with!
I think most of the Swedes don't watch the semi-finals of Eurovision and just save it for the grand final. My family and I have been fans of Eurovision as long as I remember, so I have almost always seen both semi-finals and the grand final. Anyway, last week I finally got the time to listen through the songs in the compeition and I definitely got some favorites that I will cheer for! 
There are plenty of songs that are I like that is enjoyable to listen to in one way or another. For exemple Cyprus, Moldova, Israel, Bulgaria, Denmark, Ukraine, Belgium, Malta, Armenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. I won't review all of the songs, but I will make a Top 7 of the songs that I like more than the others. Mind that, I don't have enough knowledge or musical training to make a full review of the songs, so I will only write my opinions about the songs and what I like about them. So here it goes!
I had a very hard time to pick my Top 7, at least for the two last ones. Mind that not all of the songs are in order in this list. To start this off, my favorite track right now is: "J'ai cherché" with Amir, which is representing France. The verses are in French and the choruses are in English. I love the mix! How the lyrics in Enligsh has been written sounds very trustworthy, that it's not something they have translated flat, which is very good! "J'ai chercé" is very catchy and it's easy to sing along to. A small detail in the song that I like is the clapping, which brings some thing extra to it. Personally, I love this song and I look forward to see how Amir will deliver his energy to the song on stage. 
One thing that doesn't really have anything about the song in ESC is the musicvideo, I love the twist in the video that breaks the "typical sterotype roles". 
Another huge favorite this year is Sergey Lazarev, he's representing Russia with the song "You Are The Only One". When you hear the song you can tell that this is a song that fits in the competition very well. It's everything that people would want it to be. It's kind of written as a "typical" Eurovision song. It starts off slow, a bit darker and then it just builds up and ends with a high note. I love how dramatic it is!
If you see the music video down below, you will get amazed over the visuals! I can't wait until we get to see Sergey's performance and the staging for it! I've seen some of his staging for his own tours and I'm so excited to see what they have created for Eurovision!
Samra is representing Azerbaijan with the song "Miracle". I absolutely love the beat that starts off the song! You can feel the melody and it makes you get into the song and feel it. I can be very picky when it comes to how the vocals sounds and most of the time, I don't like when female artists take those very high notes all the time. So Samra's voice suits me very well since she has more of an alto voice, which I like a lot!
Lithuania is being represented by Donny Montell and the song "I've been waiting for this night". It's a uptempo song that builds up from the beginning to the end. I love the contrast between the verses and choruses. Donny's vocals are very good and I like the good feeling the song has. I also love the clap sound that is in the middle of the song. I'm curious to see what his stagning will be!
As many know, Australia competed for the first time in Eurovision Song Contest 2015. They were suppose to only be allowed to participate that one time. The rules changed and Australia is back in the competition with a great singer named Dami Im with the song "Sound of Silence".
The song is a ballad which can in this competition be a bit risky since it puts the voice in focus even more than a clubby dance song would. But no dissapointments here! Dami has a great voice and pulls off the song fantastic. I love how dramatic the song is and how Dami is delivering the message of it. The only thing that I would say about it is that it repeats same line a bit too much. But I'm still looking forward to see her performance and hear how her vocals will sound live!
I've been a fan of Westlife ever since I can remember, so when I heard that Nicky Byrne was going to represent Ireland in ESC this year, I got super excited! The other members of Westlife have already released some tracks as soloartists, so many Westlife fans (including me)  have been waiting for Nicky to release some thing for his own
Nicky is competing with the song "Sunlight". It's a pop song. This is the kind of music I like to listen to. It's very easy to listen to and you can learn the words quite easy to sing along to. The song is kind of a song that suits to listen to in every mood. Back when Westlife were doing music, Nicky didn't have a lot of long solo parts in the songs, so it's just very nice to get to hear him sing a song like this. 
The last song I will bring up is Barei that is representing Spain with the song "Say Yay". If I'm not mistaken this is the first time Spain hast sent a song that is not in Spanish. I absolutely love the energy and the rythm in "Say Yay". It's very catchy and you just get happy by listen to it and want to start dancing to it. Looking forward to see what she will do in her performance in ESC. Hopefully we will get to see a great dance show!
One thing I have to say is that I'm very happy to see the diversity in the music video, I love it!
That was my Top 7 of Eurovision Song Contest 2016.  
This year will be different, I won't be at home watching the broadcast of the shows because I will actually be on set of Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm to see it live! Jenevia and I will be arriving in Stockholm tomorrow and stay for the whole week to see the broadcasts and take part of the festivity that takes place during the week. It will be interesting to see the contest more up-close than before. I will be taking pictures of everything that goes on in Stockholm to show you what I've experienced during the week. Maybe I will get some video footage as well? ;)
Anyway stay tuned on my social medias to get updates during the Eurovision week!
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Are you a fan of Eurovision Song Contest? If you have any favorites in this year's competition, please write a comment down below and let me know which songs you like the most. I'm curious to know your favorites!